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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by airik625, Jun 5, 2018.

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    I know nothing about motorcycles, nor do I care, but Keanu is such a joy to listen to. I’d love to hear him on some podcasts

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  3. airik625

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    New IMAX poster:

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    I am ready
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  9. popdisaster00

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    I *just* saw part 2, now I am stoked for this one
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  11. Zilla

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    I’ll always be here for the cast (Asia Kate Dillon is a great addition), the world building and the action sequences. But this felt like a solid 20 minutes too long.

    Still, it’s pretty damn funny. Some of these sequences are amazing. Glad it exists.
  12. BackyardHero11


    super late to the John Wick party, love both 1 and 2. fantastic stunts, great performances, and utterly gorgeous cinematography, anytime i watch these I can't believe how beautiful they look haha.

    can't wait for 3, already got my tickets haha. also I was listening the to recent episode of The Rewatchables podcast about the 2nd film, and learned about this Everything We Know About John Wick TV Series The Continental << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News - hyped. they build such a cool little universe that I want to explore off of such a simple idea.

    edit: also, if anyone doesn't own them yet, VUDU has a 9.99 bundle sale, just got my UHD Dolby copies and can't wait to rewatch.
  13. Serh

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    truly wish I saw this last night
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    Kicking myself because I missed an email in my inbox for an advanced showing last night. It'll be here soon enough though.
  15. Mike J

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    The first act in John Wick Chapter 3 is the best in the franchise.
  16. tdlyon

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    Totally agree on the cinematography, as much as I love the action (and I do a lot), my favorite parts of both of the movies is just looking at them
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  17. justin.

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    Stoked. I finished watching the second film last night.
  18. JeanRalphio

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    Gonna sound weird but, before we go see this can anyone tell me if you remember scenes where anyone gets hit by a car? I'm sure it happens but I gotta check before we walk into something that could cause a panic attack
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    I haven’t seen it but considering there are like 10 instances of this happening in the first two movies I’d proceed with caution
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  20. Zilla

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    John Wick gets hit by a car twice in the first act of the movie, but it doesn’t leave much damage and he gets away pretty quick. He also flies off of a motorcycle at one point too
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    Lmao I'm reaching here but I'm hoping for a miracle
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    Thanks fam
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  23. Slangster

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    Just got out of the theater. Might be recency bias but this is the best of the series IMO. I was giddily laughing basically the whole movie because I could not believe how fun it is.

    The knife store fight is maybe the best action sequence I've ever seen
  24. justin.

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    I ate an entire bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos during this and felt metal af.

    This may be my favorite but I will need to watch it again.
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  25. coleslawed

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    that’s a bold move in a theater.
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