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  1. aoftbsten

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    This is already my favorite movie of 2019.
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  2. jkauf

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    Hell yes.
  3. wordzanddreamz

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    Three words

    brick shit house
  4. kbeef2

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    This looks incredible
  5. Serh

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    Dope as hell, hoping these four months fly by
  6. Davjs


    Looks great! I hope it does well as well as not being the typical "worst in the trilogy".
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  7. Cameron

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    Can’t wait
  8. Serh

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    Another amazing poster

  9. aoftbsten

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    So is Common not back? I don't remember reading anything about him.
  10. Davjs


    He may still be on the train. No way to know for sure.
  11. PepsiOne

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    I am extremely here for this
  12. Fuck yeah, bring it
  13. dash64

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    Can't wait, first 2 were awesome.
  14. secretsociety92

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    Bought the first two on Blu-ray in anticipation for this, hoping it doesn't disappoint.
  15. New trailer on Thurs
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  16. Serh

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  17. OhTheWater

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    So hype
  18. Slangster

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  19. Serh

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  20. Aaron Mook

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    I love this series so much that I don't even care that this trailer looks like a mash-up of the first two films, lol. It's exactly what I want.

    Take a drink everytime they show Laurence Fishburne sitting in the rain.
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  21. Dog with a Blog

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    God I love these stupid movies so much. Can’t wait
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  22. aoftbsten

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    Hot damn I am ready for this.
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  23. ChaseTx

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  24. Aaron Mook

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    Coming from someone who doesn't generally love action movies, you gotta fix this my guy
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  25. flask


    I know everyone is stoked for John wick on a horse but John wick on a motorcycle with a sword is pretty much a dream come true.
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