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Jimmy Eat World Band • Page 425

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by futures, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Anthony_

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  2. Serh

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  3. chewbacca110


    I will be cranking Futures on my commute tomorrow morning. As well as Electable.
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  4. chewbacca110


    “Electable” is one of Jim’s best vocal performances. It’s so passionate and raw.
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  5. Missing anything?

    i like to joke that Through is about trump. Heh
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  6. Mcrx


    Unfortunately, I can't see the share atm.

    But question-yes the TOYPApodcast guys on here? You don't have to reveal who, unless they don't care. I've been anxiously waiting for the next episode. Lol Luckily blink 155 is there to listen to. (Sorry for getting off topic here, folks)
  7. .K.

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    I still want to hear those Surviving b-sides if they exist
  8. Deep dive on every album front to back. What a project that would be.
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  9. I don’t think mike or Ryan are on chorus but yeah I should poke that hive.
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  10. .K.

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    Just listened to Jim and Frank Turner. Such a great conversation from two guys who have different energies. Frank is always a great listen.

    Also, Jim mentioned he and the band may be working on something special.
  11. Onlyadirector

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    something special you say?

  12. Matt Chylak

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  13. .K.

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    His brief mention is in the PTF podcast with Frank. No mention of what it is. Just the fact the band is working on something sounds promising to me.
  14. elphshelf

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    EP pls
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  15. .K.

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    It’d be cool if they finished off some of those Surviving songs are wrote a couple news one.

    It could be something else like working on a Christmas song, a cover or an alt version or something. He didn’t say.
  16. quietwords

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    On After School with Mark Hoppus, Jim mentioned wanting to do a live stream show- wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what it was
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  17. .K.

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    It easily could be.

    I thought Jim had mentioned starting process of working on new material earlier than usual with being stuck at home/in the studio. He mentioned the band was coming into the studio, so my mind went to recording...even if was like a Christmas cover or something.

    But could be a live stream. I had planned on seeing them on their last tour. I just haven’t got into the live stream concerts yet.
  18. Hey all! Coming to seek some help for an exercise we’re doing on the podcast. Trying to nail down an objective answer to the question about which of their albums feels the most autumnal. It’s just for fun. We’re putting Clarity, Futures, and Integrity Blues against each other as a result of a poll we ran last year. Any and all help is appreciated!
  19. SamLevi11

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    Futures, but honestly this band are very much an Autumn/Winter nights band to me, probably due to that being the time when I have strong memories attached to this band.
  20. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    It’s Futures. A fall month is name-dropped in the first verse of the first song, and the entire thing sounds like a crisp, cold fall night.

    In terms of autumnal feel, my ranking is:

    1. Futures
    2. Integrity Blues
    3. Clarity

    Clarity is a complete winter album for me.
  21. .K.

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    Futures, I think saying “November” plants the seed.

    for me, off the top of my head:

    Invented-trapped inside after a long winter
    Damage-spring rain
    Clarity-new start fresh spring
    Chase This Light-start of warmer weather and excitement
    Bleed American-heat of summer days and peace in warmer summer nights
    Surviving-Dog days of summer when it’s too hot
    Futures-after daylight savings, darker, cooler, more cautious,
    Integrity Blues-cool weather, blue light in the morning after the first few snowfalls

    all are good year round, but it’s the vibe I get from the record as a whole. Part of what makes them cool to me is that there isn’t much overlap in how these records feel to me, but they all belong in the same Jimmy calendar year.
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  22. bradsonemanband

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    Clarity has always been my go-to autumn/winter album
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  23. Pepetito

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    Futures and integrity blues.
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  24. Clarity is definitely a winter album. Invented too.

    Futures is a fall album. So is Integrity Blues.

    Chase This Light is a spring album.

    Bleed American and Surviving feel more like summer albums.

    Damage is probably more fall/winter, but could be the dreary/rainy part of midwest spring too.
  25. Thanks, everyone! Definitely considering song titles and lyrics to help drive the objectivity. I have to re-consider my approach as the original idea was "cold-weather vibes" but I latched onto the "autumnal" term which, rightfully so, excludes winter. Down to hear arguments separating the two. I would listen to transatlanticism from October to February, for example. That album was kind of the impetus to this exercise.

    Also, happy (early) thanksgiving everyone!