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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by futures, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Brother Beck

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    I know it is probably better for them if they sell actual physical merch as opposed to music / songs - but I wish they would put high quality digital versions of their hard to find b-sides up on the store. I would happily pay like $20 for a pristine digital version of "Open Bar Reception". Honestly, I would pay more, only slightly less happily and my wife would probably kill me.
  2. minty901

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    Open Bar Reception is kind of fucked by CRT interference on the microphone though, which higher quality wouldn't help.
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  3. Cameron

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    Why is Firefight so food? Been jamming Chase This Light all day!
  4. Brother Beck

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    SAME HERE!!!

    I did not know this. My copy is not that great but I honestly always attributed it to be being like 183 kbps.
  5. sophos34

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    this is by far my favorite band of all time
  6. chewbacca110

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    This band hits such a sweet spot for me that no other bands can reach.
  7. moura


    Is that why I was hearing that high frequency earsplitting sound throughout the song (I hear it mostly in the opening)? I really love the b-side, but had to just delete it because I couldn’t help but just cringe every time that came up.
  8. Brother Beck

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    Yeah, honestly the sound quality on mine is bad enough where I would not usually put up with it were it not one of my favorite songs of all time. Hence why I would happily shell out more than the cost of a deluxe album to try and obtain a great copy of it.
  9. minty901

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    Yes. If you have software like garageband or audacity then you can remove the noise. If y'all are interested I can upload my copy of the song with the noise removed. Not sure what bitrate it is though.
  10. moura


    I’d be interested
  11. Brother Beck

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    I would absolutely be interested please and thank you.

    I don't think I tried on "Open Bar Reception" but I did go through a phase where I attempted to dabble in cleaning up audio files with disastrous results.
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  12. jordalsh

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  13. minty901

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    Sent links out to people who asked. Let me know anyone else if you want Open Bar Reception with the high frequency noise removed.
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  14. Dog Fish

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    Yes please!
  15. .K.

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    I don’t ever remember hearing any unusual noise in that song. I’d give the edit to listen though if you’d share. I could have just been ignoring something for years.
  16. minty901

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    I haven't heard the unedited version in a while but I remember the noise being really bad, painfully unlistenable even. Going to YouTube now, I'm not hearing the noise, but that's either because my cheap earbuds aren't picking it up, YouTube isn't representing it properly, or I've lost some of my high frequency hearing with age. Probably the latter. Ever heard Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends album? That one has the same noise throughout the entire album. Really unpleasant. Again only on the vocal mic though.
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  17. troyplaysbass

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    The worst case of the constant high frequency problem that I’ve heard is Relient K’s Apathetic EP. I’ve never really noticed it on “Open Bar Reception,” probably due to the bad rip I have, but that RK EP borders on unlistenable for me.
  18. Brother Beck

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    Thank you so much for doing this. This sounds incredible. I'd call this pristine. Infinitely better than the low quality rip I have had for years.
  19. chhholly123

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    I'd love to have it! Thanks for doing this!
  20. .K.

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    That’s really cool you can make adjustments like that. I don’t feel like the version I have has a high frequency noise in it, but I’m sure yours is probably still a lot cleaner.

    Open Bar Reception is a Jimmy favourite of mine, so thanks for sharing.

    My biggest modern Jimmy production complaint is the album damage sounds flatter (or less robust and full) than other recent Jimmy albums. It’s not like the bands songwriting or style changed. Maybe other people can elaborate more if they feel the same way. Where and who you Record with does make a difference.

    Not really part of the same point, but I always found Further seems Forever’s So Cold sounded flatter. I could name a few more albums and songs that have that feel.
  21. minty901

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    Yeah Damage doesn't have that punch or shine of their other albums. It was recorded straight to tape, processed entirely in analogue with no more than 3 takes for each track. They did it this way I think because they were inspired by Foo Fighters wasting light.
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  22. Stra1ghtArrow


    Yeah, I remember them saying they wanted a stripped back sound. Personally think they're at their best when they are loud and overproduced...
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  23. nohandstoholdonto

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    I like the way Damage sounds and it separates itself, in a good way imo, from their other records since Clarity.
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  24. SteveLikesMusic

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    Wasting Light sounds sooooo much better though haha
  25. minty901

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    Hey, I didnt say they were successful :P

    But nah I love Damage personally, rough edges and all. I think it would have more fans were it produced like their other albums though.
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