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    They didn't just 'stay in their lane' for this album...they pushed boundaries, give a variety of heavy, soft and interesting vibes sonically, and Jim has never sounded better. The musicianship, songwriting, all of it equates to 10/10 for me. I've not been into their last couple records the way i was in their earlier work, but this album brings me right back to the fanboy i never knew I've always been.
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    Wouldn't it be bizarre if Jimmy Eat World let us down one of these days? I've almost come to expect being completely satisfied which is unfair to them but they always deliver - Surviving included.

    Great write-up. Especially loved your paragraph beginning with "To the cynical ear" and how it feels somehow more genuine coming from Jim than it would 99% of other bands because he has been there for us. Really cool observation that I didn't think of but I bet all of us could confirm.
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    Finally caught up on this thread.

    I’ve spent a lot of time with this over the last couple days and I agree the overall sentiment of this thread.

    Love it.

    Early stand out tracks for me:


    as well as the other 7
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    Definitely meant to post this in the album thread.

    haha. Oh well.