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Jesse Lacey Releases a Statement

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Jesse Lacey of Brand New has released a statement regarding recent allegations of sexual misconduct. It can be read in full below.

    In an effort to address recent events and the public conversation currently happening, I feel it is important to make a clear and personal statement.

    The actions of my past have caused pain and harm to a number of people, and I want to say that I am absolutely sorry. I do not stand in defense of myself nor do I forgive myself. I was selfish, narcissistic, and insensitive in my past, and there are a number of people who have had to shoulder the burden of my failures. I apologize for the hurt I have caused, and hope to be able to take the correct actions to earn forgiveness and trust.

    Early on in my life, I developed a dependent and addictive relationship with sex. I was scared of it, ashamed, and unwilling or unable to admit it, and so it grew into a consistent and terrible problem. Years ago, after admitting my habits and cheating to my then soon to be wife, I began to approach my problem in a serious way. I entered professional treatment, both in group therapy and individual counseling, and revealed the realities of what a terrible place I had gotten to in my life, and what a terrible impact my actions had on people.

    Lust, sex, love, and arousal were coping tools for me, and I returned to them repeatedly. I detached my own feelings and emotions from most of my sexual interactions. I hid, or lied about my behavior to escape reproach. I was a habitual cheater. I have been unfaithful in many, if not most of my relationships, including the relationship with my wife, who has with all of her might, patience, and grace, tried to hold our marriage together, despite having to endure the pain of the revelations of my past. It is heart wrenching that the most important changes in my life have come at the expense of others.

    I am sorry for how I have hurt people, mistreated them, lied, and cheated. I am sorry for ignoring the way in which my position, status, and power as a member of a band affected the way people viewed me or their approach to their interactions with me. And I am sorry for how often I have not afforded women the respect, support, or honesty that they deserved, and which is their right. I believe in the equality and autonomy of all, but in my life I have been more of a detriment to these ideals than an advocate.

    I am working to shed all my narcissism and my self obsession, and to be better. In sobriety I have changed my life and my mind in real and important ways. I have also revealed the truth of my behaviors to myself and to others. I do not have words to express the patience and help my wife has offered me. I love my family with an intensity and realness that I have never felt before, and as a husband and a father I have been granted the opportunity to wake up each day with the intent to serve my family and the people around me, and to feel, for the first time that I have purpose.

    The fact remains that none of us get to put a wall up between who we are and who we were. I need to earn forgiveness. Concepts like repentance, compassion, and love, are made real through actions, and it’s through my actions that I need to prove change. I hope I can show humility, and that the pain I have caused people can heal. I am not above reproach, and no one should be.

    Jesse Lacey

  2. Bryan Diem


    Comments are already toxic.
  3. therookielot

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    so he didn't do it then right
  4. Brent

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    Fuck this dude. Band is dead to me.
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  5. DooDooBird


    Statement sounds like some pretentious nonsense.
  6. bestofmoss


    never have heroes
  7. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    As some have pointed out, he didn’t address the underage girls allegations
  8. To type all of that and then skate over that bit...
  9. Turkeylegz


    It is a better written statement than most. It still reeks of trying to dodge some issues. I know most of it comes from a legal perspective, but still...

    Also, it is clear he has not made amends to many of the women (young girls) he hurt. Forgiveness comes from the victims first, not the public. Obviously a statement needed to happen, but I wonder how much work he would do to mend the lives of those he hurt if the accusations were not made? Maybe I am assuming but I am pretty hurt by all of this and, admittedly, not thinking straight.
  10. jackludwick


    I really don't know how I feel about this. On one hand I respect the way he has addressed it and owns up to his mistakes and acknowledges what he did is 100% wrong. But its not a perfect statement, theres no way apologizing for something like this can be a perfect response. Its not my place to say he is forgiven, but I can say, while brand new has been my favorite band for a decade, there will always be a part of their reputation that is now tainted to me; which is doesn't matter. As a white male this isn't about me and how it makes me feel. I hope that this is a genuine apology from a man who lost a lot of peoples respect; including mine.
  11. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    It’s worded better than most statements. It’s still fucked. He glosses over everything still. I need time to unpack all of it. I’m still so fucking disappointed.
  12. Believe women.

    I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but I'm still processing. Might be a while on that.

    But all the "she was lying" people I hope this opens your eyes.
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  13. aspeedomodel

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    Holy shit...
  14. therookielot

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  15. theagentcoma

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    yo fuck this guy
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  16. heresyourletter


    So what’s the appropriate action at this point? Leave the band?
  17. This statement is a brilliant redirection of the narrative, and that's entirely due to the glaring omission. Legal implications or not - this had to be coerced out of him and once he retires, he owes it to the music community to stay gone.
  18. DandonTRJ

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    Uses general apologetics and bad acts not raised in the recent allegations against him (cheating) to gloss over the actual inciting incident (abusing a 15-year-old). Makes the statement largely about him rather than the victim, who is never addressed nor directly apologized to. Well-written, likely earnest, but still misses the point (like so many other statements have). You’d think people would start getting it right more often after so many iterations to learn from. Oh well. As always, believe women, and kill your idols.
  19. heresyourletter


    Should he have to register as a sex offender due to the pedophile actions?
  20. ryan.conde

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  21. Clark

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    Fuck. He didn't even address it.
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  22. ReginaPhilange

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    fucked up.
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  23. Craig Ismaili

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    And not only that, but it acts like all these sexual encounters he says he had because of his addiction were consensual but 15 YEAR OLDS CAN'T GIVE CONSENT
  24. Brent

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    Seriously fucked yo over this. I’m at a bar in Orlando, just had an amazing day at sea world w my daughter and wife, excited for Very Merry at Disney World tomorrow. I just can’t process this right now... it’s just so fucking disappointing. I feel so bad for his victim(s).

    It’s disgusting on the FB page right now. I said I want to return all my merchandise and don’t care about a refund and people want to take it from me for free.
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