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Jesse Cannon – Processing Creativity

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 24, 2017.

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    Jesse Cannon’s latest book takes a look at the creative process and how to get results that you’re happy with. While it focuses largely on music, it can easily apply to so much more than that. Processing Creativity: The Tools, Practices And Habits Used To Make Music You’re Happy With isn’t a behemoth of a book like Get More Fans, but it’s equally as effective. The book takes you through the motions of finding who is a best fit to work with, how to make music you’re happy with, and so much more.

    As someone who once interned in a recording studio, and quickly learned it wasn’t what I preferred to do, this book gave me new insight into how different the recording process can be. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a studio that wasn’t on Drexel University’s campus and for a school project. It seems obvious that each band won’t record the same way, or even write songs the same way, but when it comes to producers and engineers, they can’t do everything the same way either. This book dives deep into that and Jesse has a ton of experience working with bands from all walks of life. His understanding and unpacking of these experiences is what makes the book so worthwhile.

    As I mentioned already, it goes beyond just working in the studio. Simple things like staying organized and on a schedule can apply to anyone. As someone who is trying to work in the music industry, it’s a tough thing to do even when one doesn’t have a 9-5 job, especially then, actually. Too much time can be deadly for some people and in this book, Jesse goes over some ways to stay on top of everything you need to get done. He even adds a section at the end of the book for additional reading on the topics of music, productivity, habits, and more. Naturally, as a book lover, I studied that section intently to see what I had and hadn’t read so far.

    If you’re in a band or work in a recording studio, I cannot recommend this book more. It’s a must-read if you fall in either category. And if you’re just someone interested in the topic, it’s a you-should-probably-definitely-read-this recommendation from me. The book is only about 250 pages, so it’s not a long read. You can take your time with it or get engulfed in it and finish it quickly. I did the latter in preparation for a talk about the book with Jesse on Missaligned. If you want to hear more about the book without it being spoiled for you, definitely give that episode a listen.

    If you grab a digital copy the book, there are tons of extras that you can access directly from the book including more reading materials and Spotify playlists. In a way, you’re getting so much more than just a book with Processing Creativity. You can listen to music, gain new skills, and have a better understanding of what works best for you. If you buy a physical copy of the book, you can still access those same extras here. And if you aren’t a book person, there will soon be an audiobook version available.

    Note: Jesse Cannon was also on an episode of Encore, so listen to that, too, if you haven’t already.

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  2. I bought this book but haven't had the chance to dive in yet. I'm so excited to read it.
  3. Still working my way through this book. I've enjoyed what I've read so far. I plan on finishing it this week.
  4. Bartek T.

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    I should find my way to acquire this book at some point, Jesse is a stellar man!