Jenny Hval - Blood Bitch (September 30, 2016) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by brandon_260, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. brandon_260

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    01 Ritual Awakening
    02 Female Vampire
    03 In the Red
    04 Conceptual Romance
    05 Untamed Region
    06 The Great Undressing
    07 Period Piece
    08 The Plague
    09 Secret Touch
    10 Lorna

  2. Inna Selez


    Conceptual Romance so brilliant song.
  3. algae

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    I still haven't completely processed Apocalypse Girl but I'm here for it.
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  5. brandon_260

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    This is going to be amazing.
  6. brandon_260

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    There's a track on here that is honestly 2+ minutes of panting and ambient noise and almost nothing else.
  7. brandon_260

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  8. PauLo

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    This is pretty great. Going back and checking out some of her older stuff.
  9. nomemorial

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    Listening to "Apocalypse, girl" now for the first time and wondering how I missed out on this. Listens like alt-pop, but feels like...a noise album? It's hitting a lot of checkboxes that usually don't find themselves together in my brain. Good stuff.
  10. brandon_260

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    Ayyy, finally some more people. Hopefully people pick up on this when it drops on Friday.

    She's coming through next week, and if I don't end up going to James Blake the same night, I'm definitely going to be there.
  11. cwhit

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    looking forward to listening to this tomorrow
  12. Letterbomb31

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    Not listened to anything from her before but this is pretty good
  13. PauLo

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    Yeah, need to check out her older stuff.
  14. brandon_260

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    Apocalypse, Girl is great. Maybe better than this. My favorite song of hers is on this though.
  15. brandon_260

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  16. brandon_260

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