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Jay Z: ‘The War on Drugs Is an Epic Fail’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 15, 2016.

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    Jay Z wrote and narrated a video for The New York Times that looks at the war on drugs here in the United States. The film can be watched below.

    This short film, narrated by Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and featuring the artwork of Molly Crabapple, is part history lesson about the war on drugs and part vision statement. As Ms. Crabapple’s haunting images flash by, the film takes us from the Nixon administration and the Rockefeller drug laws — the draconian 1973 statutes enacted in New York that exploded the state’s prison population and ushered in a period of similar sentencing schemes for other states — through the extraordinary growth in our nation’s prison population to the emerging aboveground marijuana market of today. We learn how African-Americans can make up around 13 percent of the United States population — yet 31 percent of those arrested for drug law violations, even though they use and sell drugs at the same rate as whites.

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  2. WetwithSharp

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    Cool that more and more people are speaking out about this. Eventually something will change....
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    Funny to see Jay Z, epic fail and Tidal right under on the news page.
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    I don't think anything will ever change in regards to a lot of this. The prison system is modern day slavery and it works out in favor of the government and large corporations. The government is a well oiled machine that serves itself and will never serve us, let alone marginalized communities and people. We're fucked. I know that sounds bleak, but little to nothing has changed. Even with the legalization of marijuana in many states, the benefits of that are still largely going to businessmen in suits and black and brown men and women are STILL serving stretched out sentences for having a dime in their pocket. Its bullshit.
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    Rage against the dying of the light, my friend.