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Jack White Banning Cellphones From Tour • Page 3

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Analog Drummer


    I’ve had people film a show on their cell phone which was being filmed for DVD, it blew my mind. Surely no one watches their silly little phone videos
  2. Fucking Dustin Pokemon Draft League Reigning Champion Prestigious

    I feel like Father John Misty would do it but require that none of the audience is allowed to smile
  3. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    He'd do it for irony points.
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  4. Fucking Dustin Pokemon Draft League Reigning Champion Prestigious

    I'd still go to it
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  5. Hazelnutsack


    So jack white is now "that" highschool teacher who confiscates phones at the start of class? Got it.
  6. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    being a part of the wealthy, out-of-touch curmudgeonly musician class is the new punk rock, don'cha know.
  7. emeryk3

    Wharf Mice

    How obnoxious do you have to be to complain about other people enjoying a show with their phones.
  8. Jonathan

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    How obnoxious do you have to be to hold up your device the entire show? It's happened to me countless times, and I'm not tall, it ends up blocking my view. In a venue where you can't easily move around once the show has started, that can be a massive pain in the butt.
  9. Wall Of Arms


    I went to a Savages show when they were touring the debut and they just had signs up asking people not to do this - it was so great and obviously whilst it's an element of trust involved - it worked and made for a really cool concert.
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  10. Sean Murphy

    you had me at meat tornado Supporter

    TBS is probably a band i see more than most others, and lazzara is a big supporter of no phones, he will playfully call people out and make comments about the phones and ive seen him come down to the crowd and take someones phone, snap a selfie with them, and then turn their phone off lol
  11. I don’t mind this. The best experiences I’ve had at concerts is when I decided not to take my phone out and just take in he experience. I don’t think I’d ever go through the trouble implementing this idea though.

    Side Note: A long time ago I met Adam Lazarra after a show out of nowhere. He came up to me, said he recognized me in the front row, and thanked me for being in the moment with him during the show. According to him, I was apparently the only one in the front row who didn’t bring a phone or camera out and throw it in his face during their set. I thought that was crazy.

    Double Side Note: Jack White is putting a new song out this Friday at midnight.
  12. Michael Schmidt

    Don't recreate the scene, or reinvent the meanings Supporter

    Imagine if the 1975 did this.
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  13. Wall Of Arms


    They try to whenever they play "Me" at least.
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  14. RoKKeR

    The Fly

    Definitely a bit extreme, but I understand the sentiment. I went to a Jack White concert in 2015 and right before the show a guy came out and gave a pump up speech that also served as a "don't fucking use your phones and enjoy the music" prior to the show starting. I'd say the audience was extremely receptive to it and on the floor very few people were using their phones. One of the best concerts I've been to. (Raconteurs also reunited halfway through, so that helps)
  15. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    I know that everyone used to do it every day, but for some people not having their phone available is a big deal. Having someone in your family with a medical condition can make it scary to not know if they’re trying to get a hold of you.
  16. DesireToPlease


    What a pretentious trend.
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  17. Tata Toothy


    I love this. I’m not sure why people are complaining. This is not happening at every concert, just jacks! If you don’t like it, don’t go see Jack White. He really doesn’t seem like the type to care if people are pissed about this and chose not to attend. Because he will have no problem selling out the shows.

    I have no problem leaving my phone for a few hours, 99% of the shows I attend I’m in the pitt and can’t feel my phone vibrate anyways. No big deal.
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  18. Jonathan

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    Agreed, and that's why I don't think it's necessary for every show (it's also a contributing factor in my Apple Watch LTE model.) Obviously not everyone has that luxury, but to my knowledge all shows that use Yondr let you know in advance when you buy the tickets. People can make the choice of whether they go or not.

    Personally, I don't have a problem with people who snap a quick video or photo, but the people who insist on having the entire show for their own personal archives ruins the experience for the rest of us.

    EDIT: PS I love your avatar. I did a business!
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  19. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    I enjoy filming parts of concerts for my memories, but I definitely don't film the entire show. I don't like DVD or studio live recordings because they're always tweaked. I want to remember the talent the musicians actually have, not something remastered with touchups. I tend to watch/listen to live performances more than actual studio recordings on youtube, and many times they are filmed by the audience.
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  20. Smittzerland

    First time long time (FKA musicfan9795) Prestigious

    I wrote an ethics term paper last semester about the subject. Based on much analysis, I determined that restricting cell phone use at shows was unethical, citing the terror attacks in Las Vegas as an example of limiting phone use is bad.

    But to go back to this, Jack White blocking phones makes him a potential liability for his audience.
  21. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Can we get these guys in a room with Jack White? The innovators of tomorrow, I tell you.
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  22. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    My basic thought is, "Yeah, you're not taking my phone in a world where shootings happen at shows." I don't like watching shows through other people's iPhone screens either, but I'll take that over not being able to contact my wife/family in the case of an emergency.
  23. Anna Acosta

    Listen to Staircase Spirits. Moderator

    I was at the Haim show where they used these pouches too, and I completely get their purpose in *that* scenario because they played new songs that weren't out yet. It was literally a marketing strategy.

    But... I mean, I've worked on a bunch of car and tech commercials where they quite easily disable the cameras and mics on your phone for NDA purposes but still leave other functionality. It's not like it's impossible, plus nobody would have to get someone to unlock their phone any time they needed to use it.
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  24. Eclipse


    I'm in the "I don't particularly care if it's not bothering me" crowd, and kinda get where both sides are coming from, but one thing I think is that phones can be a very useful tool at shows that people don't implement, such as when modern baseball had that hotline for the show that people were able to use if there's a problem. Sorry if that's a bit off topic, I guess what I'm trying to get out is there's a lot of positive uses people can now use for show safety with cell phones being readily available, and it make more sense of performers to embrace it rather than shun it.
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  25. Jonathan Jan 24, 2018
    (Last edited: Jan 24, 2018)

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    Impossible, no. Practical? Probably not. Imagine having every single person hand over their phone and going through that process one by one, might take quite a long time, especially if you need to make note of each passcode associated with each phone. It's entirely possible there's some function for disabling the iPhone camera that isn't popping up on Google, I only did a quick search, a few articles linked to that process.

    EDIT: worth reading this article about tech that Apple patented some time ago: Finally, a clear view at concerts: Apple patents infrared blocker to stop people taking pictures and videos inside venues