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    New ep is great.
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  3. Nick

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    can't wait to watch. started this show and caught up in a few weeks. love it.
  4. tucah

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    I'm a few episodes behind, gotta catch up.
  5. I still think there's a chance Peyton might become a zombie after having sex with Blaine.

    This show is so good at tense moments. That scene where Ravi confronted Major. Ugh.
  6. NewSurrender

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    I really like this show!! Season two has been great
  7. jjnunn118

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    Top 5 show on television currently. At this point I'm watching 8 CW shows a week which is insane to think about.
  8. So many crazy things going on all at once. Kind of glad the season finale next week is two hours. I can live without new Flash for another week.

    For all the shit Rita is responsible for, I do feel kind of bad for her. Not her fault she has one fucked up father.
  9. Yeah, super interested to see how they tie up some of the loosely connected strings they've built over the season next week.
  10. Even with a 2 hour finale next week I can't imagine how they're going to tie everything together.
  11. zigs

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    There were a lot of hints last night of how Clive might react to learning Liv's truth last night ("almost anything", zombies mention, stressing he is a stickler for rules)

    Have to think that is set up for the finale in some way.
  12. lol Big dude with the eye patch was on Legends because CW recycles every actor they have.
  13. blanking on who he was on Legends
  14. He was one of the guys in the Russian prison. Beats up Atom in the yard.
  15. NewSurrender

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    Quite a satisfying episode. Enjoying seeing the Major/Chaos Killer storyline coming to a climax
  16. Definitely a crazy episode. I agree that I'm not sure how they conclude it in two hours. Maybe no side story?
  17. White

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    Holy shitballs I need the finale.

    Also I have a theory about Blaine: he's faking his amnesia, 'cause if he wasn't, he wouldn't have got the Memento reference Don E made.

    I'm so perceptive.
  18. kbeef2 Apr 12, 2016
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    Nice to see Ken Marino in sleazy lawyer mode again.

    EDIT: Whoa, just IMDB'd Ken Marino. He's in Agent Carter? He's in friggin' Vinyl?
  19. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Say it was Rob Thomas. You cannot believe the crap that guy gets away with

    you didn't say the dude from Matchbox 20 was gonna be there I would have come

    Detective Babineaux and Daft Punk
  20. Tim

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    He had a significant role as a mob boss in the latter half of Agent Carter S2. He was great.
  21. kbeef2

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    "This is how a skull breaks"
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  22. kbeef2

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    Ohhhhh, Fillmore Graves. Just got that one.

    Anyways, great finale. Show is way too much fun.
  23. twentyone

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    The finale was so good.
  24. This was everything I want in a season finale. Holy shit that was great. The Rob Thomas joke was perfect.
  25. Chaplain Tappman

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    this finale was incredible holy shit