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  1. RyanPm40

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    The only real stand-out thing about the Jersey Shore episode for me was the introduction of Rum Ham, and I wasn't crazy about Thunder Gun Express, The ANTI-social Network, or the the beauty pageant episode, so I disagree :P
  2. The Jersey Shore episode was super relatable, being from here. All of the beats made a ton of sense, for better and worse.

    Frank's Preety Woman - eh
    Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore: Great
    Frank Reynolds Little Beauties: fine
    Sweet Dee Get's Audited: eh
    Frank's Brother: woof
    The Storm of the Century: eh
    Chardee MacDennis: Good
    The ANTI-Social Network: eh
    The Gang Gets Trapped: bad
    How Mac Got Fat: bad
    Thunder Gun Express: good
    The High School Reunion: eh
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  3. Dirty Sanchez

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    I used to not enjoy Franks brother, but I’ve come around to it.
  4. JRGComedy

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    I like almost all of season 7 more than season 13
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  5. Anthony_

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    The Gang Gets Trapped is great just for the bit about Mac not giving Charlie any of his chips haha
  6. JRGComedy

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    And when Frank whips the vase and it shatters
  7. Anthony_

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    So good lol
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  8. EASheartsVinyl


    Put Pretty Woman and Little Beauties higher and this sums up my feelings well. Most of the meh episodes have a classic bit or two, but aren’t funny enough all the way through.
  9. I didn't remember that episode at all until the reveal that they were an Asian family. After that, I said, "Oh yeah..." and forgot about it again.
  10. the rural juror

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    Sweet Dee Gets Audited is so great. Her scooter with the “Scammin” vanity plate. Dennis pitching wolf cola at the fake funeral. Mac tipping over the casket.
  11. man I can’t tell if I’m super easy to please or if I just like the show more than you guys. love the anti social network and the gang gets trapped
  12. JRGComedy

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    You took us to a gin bar?! Dee, you goddamn bitch!
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  13. Ken

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  14. Anthony_

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    "People are showing up to a bar that doesn't even have a sign, and serves only one old-timey disgusting drink that nobody likes-goddamn I hate gin. Dee y-y-y-you bitch."

    One of my favorite Glenn line deliveries of all time
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  16. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Yeah, I don't know, "Anti-Social Network" is fucking hilarious to me. I lose it when they are in the catfish woman's house getting all worked up and she tries calming them down. "Don't you shush me god damn it!"
  17. Max_123

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  18. waking season

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    The Anti-Social Network is one of my most watched episodes, not sure if it’s one of my favorites but I definitely enjoy it.
  19. RyanPm40

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    That and when Charlie replies "well I had a little hustle going, but yeah" to Dennis asking him how he just walked into the house always cracks me up.

    And "they'd be out of business in a week's time". And Frank with that fucking whip threatening to hit the little girl with it, and hiding in her closet :p
  20. RyanPm40

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  21. Signifire

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    “Hamburger store” always gets me
  22. Mrk_Brdshw

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    I never noticed until Reddit pointed it out but it’s implied that Frank, Charlie and Mac got into an argument before the episode started about which one of them gets to be Indiana they had to split the costume (Charlie the jacket, Mac the hat, Frank the whip).
  23. Anthony_

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  24. tdlyon

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    Dee you gangly uncoordinated bitch, I will not be hogtied due to your lack of grace
  25. Anthony_

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    That name hahaha
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