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    And sweet baby Jonathan Brandis who poured so much heart and soul into Bill. Honestly I know it sometimes gets grief for the cast, but I thought they all did a great job. Richard Thomas has an unfortunate ponytail but still kills it, and Tim Reid just IS Mike.
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    It's not very good lol. Tim Curry is definitely memorable tho
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    The miniseries is great. Cast is really good, and Tim Curry absolutely kills as Pennywise. Most of the negatives about it are down to budgetary constraints and the limits of what you were allowed to do on network TV back then. Parts of it are extremely cheesy and dated but there are parts that are truly frightening.
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    The scene where they look at the photo album and the town comes to life is SO GOOD and doesn’t get brought up enough. It’s so eerie to slowly realize Pennywise was there the whole time and come into focus.

    And agreed that a lot of the worst offenses come down to how much it was sanitized for TV. I’m always a sucker for goofy special effects and narm charm, but having it cleaned up a lot is one aspect I always wish was different.
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    Annette O’Toole tho
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    One of the things I like about the miniseries - and to be completely fair, this may not have been so much of a deliberate creative decision as just what they sorta had to do - is how they trusted Tim Curry a little more to just act creepy AF in his costume and get across the dread and scares that way. Some of the scenes of him just standing there holding some balloons are scary as all hell still to this day.

    In the new films they far too often go for having Pennywise make scarymouth and lunge at the camera while the camera shakes absurdly. When they don't though - like when Bev sees Pennywise standing there putting on makeup in the hallway(?) behind Mrs. Kersh's apartment - it is some of the best stuff in both films.
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    Idk I saw the series for the first time after the first movie came out, and that shit did not scare or interest me at all. I could barely stay awake through the second act.

    I’m trying to get through the book though, so once I’m done, I’ll rewatch the series and see if my opinion changes!
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    Love her so much. I hated the way they wrote the Bev and Tom scene in chapter two, especially in comparison to how she played it years ago. It’s plagued by silly stuff like him getting knocked out by a plastic makeup tub, but she’s so LIVID and shrinks him down so well that I don’t care about the other aspects.
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    Finally got around to seeing this tonight. It's definitely good but nowhere near as good as the first one. I already didn't really think the first one was scary but this one was even less so, and there were a few plot points that I really didn't like (though I'm sure they were in the book)

    The cast is amazing though, particularly Hader and the guy that played Eddie. Really awesome, trippy visuals too
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    I was honestly pretty bored during the last 45 minutes or so when all the crazy shit was happening in It's lair. None of it was really scary or even creepy, just them running around in strobe lights and getting dirty.

    3 hours is too long for most movies, especially a horror movie.
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