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  1. Didn’t Mike hear about the hate crime through a news outlet, causing him to contact the others?
  2. Drew Beringer

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    He heard it through his police scanner
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  3. Ahh gotcha, misremembered that
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    I remember from the mini series when they were kids, Bev was being held against her will with Henry and his boys with a knife pressed against her cheek and her adult narration said a neighborhood man witnessed her distress but turned around, acting like he didn’t see anything
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  6. I enjoyed this a good amount. Torn on the CGI, because they need it to do all the fantastical stuff, but at the same time horror just isn't as scary when there's heavy CGI. There were some great practical effects too. Hockstetter was pretty freaky.

    Now I can read through all the spoiler talk and articles. Curious to see why book readers are disappointed.

    Also, I kept hearing people say that Bill Hader was amazing in this. He was pretty great, ya, but like... have these critics seen Barry???
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    Agreed on Hader. He was fine and funny, even if the comedy was awkwardly wedged in there, but he wasn't operating on a "Barry"-like level.
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    He was still better than every other adult by a large margin.
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    that was my main takeaway with hader haha. people clamoring for him to win awards for It 2 have clearly never seen Barry or they'd shit themselves
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    The only CGI that really bothered me in the moment was Mrs. Kersh. I was so hyped for that scene from the trailer and the ending to it was such a goofy letdown.
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  11. I actually liked that, at least the initial reveal/jump scare if only because I wasn't expecting that at all. Sort of reminded me of a scene from It Follows. Not sure if that part is in the book or not. The Paul Bunyan part was a bit much for me.

    Also, I have your giant spoiler post bookmarked to read ha.
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    The Paul Bunyan part was directly out of the book. It felt pretty goofy then too, but if that actually happened, I'm sure I'd be terrified.
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    Lol! I was a wreck, hopefully some of it made sense.

    And it’s funny that you say that, because the Paul Bunyan scene is much closer to the book than this version of Mrs. Kersh. It’s fairly true until she disappears and starts seeing the visions, but the giant swinging monster just made me roll my eyes. In the book it’s much more disturbing, with her appearing as Al Marsh and saying absolutely horrific things to her. That’s one of the few scenes that the miniseries nailed, even if they were kind of censored in the content.
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  14. Oh no doubt, I would probably also shit my pants.
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  15. Zilla


    I thought the people behind Hader's character that all suddenly stopped to stare at Paul Bunyan were creepier than Bunyan. But I didn't mind that whole scene as much as something Beverly becoming a Ghost Rider-like demon.
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    The entirety of the Paul Bunyan scene ruled; kid and adult Richie both got a mean dose of Pennywise.
  17. I did enjoy this, although definitely a bit disappointed. I didn't like certain parts of the ending and how much it dragged on. Bill Hader easily stole the show and I'm glad he was able to show off his talent so well (watch Barry if you like him here). The very end was also emotional and well done I thought, and I thought the whole cast was great overall.

    It was good, not great or not bad. I don't see how you can say you enjoyed the first and not this (which I heard a lot of). 15-25 mins could have easily been cut out though.
  18. I agree with the people's complaints about how they handled Mike. He should feel like an essential part of the group and someone who's able to bring them all together, and ya he's exactly that on paper, but by the end he just seems like the crazed friend who everyone got pissed at when they found out he lied to them. Definitely could've done better with his story and arc.
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    Tim Reid retains his crown for the portrayal. He will always be my Mike.
  20. I've seen miniseries, but the longer it's been since I've seen it, the more I forget (heh). Need to watch it again.
  21. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Still holds up
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    "iiii know your seeecret, you're dirty dirty seeecret" - chills haha
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    It’s so flawed but I love it so much. A few places always make me cry. Can’t wait for that documentary to come out.

    Also that Pennywise quote reminded me that it hit me during this chapter just how strange it is that It has fairly clean dialogue. Can’t remember if I noticed that at all before, but there were a few scenes where I was surprised at what he did or didn’t say.
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    “I don’t wanna say I hated it. But I did not like it and I wanted to leave.”

    - Jay Bauman

    I hated the first one and this one sounds worse so I think I’ll pass
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    I know nothing about the book, but I do believe the movie should have had a giant space turtle.
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