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    This was a good movie but the ending sucked
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    Was this a reference to John Carpenter’s The Thing?

    when Stanley’s head spawns spider legs? I’m pretty sure Kurt Russell even says “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” like Hader said it. Also since It arrived to earth and hibernated for years, reminds me of the alien from The Thing since it was frozen in the arctic
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    Also found out in the scene introducing adult Ben, in the board room meeting is a blond guy talking to the group, it’s the actor who played Ben in the miniseries
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    Yes, I mentioned that earlier! It’s not just a shout out to the movie, but also to Richard Masur who played Stan in the miniseries.

    And Brandon Crane in the boardroom was maybe my favorite thing in the whole movie honestly. It warmed my little heart so much, although I spent about two minutes forgetting how time works and wondering how they aged up Ben so effortlessly...
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    it's a bad movie and the ending likewise stunk
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    I hope people pick up my ending comment referenced the reception towards Bill’s novels. But my legit criticism is the ending dragged on with unnecessary hallucinatory attacks.
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    The problem is the ending actually had major problems, but they had the nerve to act like it was a better one! The jokes about it were pretty funny though, if a little over the top.
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    shit sucked
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    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    insightful and thoughtful takes itt
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    I’m honestly kind of jealous that I couldn’t sum up my feelings so succinctly.
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    yo that was pretty good. Dragged a little bit at the end but not too much.

    Was wondering how they were gonna handle the whole ritual and giant cosmic turtle bullshit, thought that was done well.

    King's cameo was so meta, best part of the movie lol
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I didn't feel the length. perhaps a bit much on the CGI, i'll always hope for more practical effects where they can be used and thought there were places that some great practical monster effects could have done wonders, but such is this era of film, so I get it and it doesn't take away from my enjoyment. i don't know how much I was actually scared, but I always believed the fears of the actors and that's a huge factor on horror working for me. humor was fun and I don't think it was overdone. maybe the "just call me angel" music queue haha, that was weird. but I think this and chapter 1 are a great full experience, can't wait for the super cut. happy to see the studio let him go all out (for the most part) with the fantastical side of King.

    edit: I do agree with the criticisms that the "rot of Derry" wasn't really explored and the town only felt lived in when it suited a story point but the rest felt empty. going to rewatch the mini-series, Chapter 1, and then see this again in Dolby to revisit it all.
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    How did the spider look?
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    personally I really liked how they did it. I hesitate to say more to not spoil it for you, but I was nervous about how that would be done and I think they figured it out in the best way they could.
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    This longer, re-edited and with a couple more scenes version that Andy Muschietti keeps talking about is exciting to me because I feel like it could be an opportunity to both make Derry feel a little more lived-in and explore the Derry/IT connection and relationship a little more.
  18. probably gonna wait, based on this review.

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    It looked fine, but it was more of a reference to the mythology than an actual reveal of its true nature and kind of got lost in everything else.

    The extended version would have to include a ton of alternate takes in addition to just deleted scenes to deal with a lot of the problems in this one, but I haven’t given up hope completely.

    I’m let down enough that I still have to keep pining for my definitive miniseries version on HBO or some streaming platform. That will always be the dream.
  20. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    Other than Hader this was pretty bad, the monsters and scares got old and repetitive really fast.
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    Anyone else see Andy Muschietti creeping around in the pharmacy background?
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    Yup! Noticed it right away. Pretty cool.
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    As an emetophobe, I did not like all the vomiting.
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    In response to Derry not feeling like a lived-in town, I feel like in "Chapter One" the fact that a little girl got killed at a football game and a boy got mauled at a carnival, as well three people straight up committing a hate crime/murder against a gay couple would have some sort of reaction from the people in the town, even it's in the background or the newspaper. Instead, it was like they never happened.
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    The way Derry just continues to exist and thrive while It feeds and festers is chilling in the book. It isn’t even that they act like nothing happened, they’re just so used to it being in their DNA that most people don’t really think about it. Mike mentioning that the people who are really serious about staying safe just flee the town is one of my favorite little moments.
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