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It’s Not Just Musicians, Sexual Misconduct Is Everywhere

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 30, 2017.

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    Hilary Corts has shared her story of working in the music industry and being assaulted while on tour with Hellogoodbye:

    As a touring person who has shared many a bed with zero incident, I did not think much of it. Once we were in bed, however, he decided to put his hands on me. I told him “no” as he tried to get up my shirt, kissing my arms and shoulders. He did not stop so I rolled away from him, at which point he pinned me up against the wall. He fell asleep on top of me in what I can only describe as a forced cuddle position. I was freaked out and felt very helpless as I was trapped.


    Working with Chase became increasingly more difficult as he was not kind to me and made my job much harder. I called Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), my friend at the time, whose band was/is also managed by Chase. Evan brushed off the whole situation as “not a big deal” and told me that Chase was “probably just lonely” as he’d broken up with his longtime girlfriend just days prior. As we’d already agreed I’d be tour managing Into It Over It on their upcoming tours, Evan told me to shut up and “play nice” if I still wanted to work for him. So that is what I did.

  2. SmithBerryCrunch

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    Another woman in the comments has a similar story to Hilary.
  3. AshlandATeam


    Absolutely heartbreaking.
  4. RileyWitiw

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    brutal. Was planning to check out Into it. Over it. but fuck that.
  5. Saephon


    Hard to believe she's talking about the same Evan I've met a few times before. Just seems antithetical to what he's about.
  6. Shrek

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    Evan came through the Albany area a lot years ago when IO.OI was newer, and the general consensus of local dudes who knew him was "very talented asshole". Was always a barrier of entry for me, looks like I saved myself some time.
  7. cwhit

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    YOu could literally copy and paste this whole post without changing the name and have it be about pinegrove.

    We’ve proven niceness doesn’t matter
  8. Transient_Hymn

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    I almost feel like I should assume everyone in a position of power takes advantage of it in very inappropriate ways.

    Feeling very cynical. I would have said before it was like 10% of men in power, now it feels like that was embarrassingly low estimation on my part. fuck these dudes
  9. atlas


  10. jpmalone4

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    Oof. I follow this Chase guy on instagram, so I will need to immediately fix that. He manages American Football too... and I think Bon iver to some degree.
  11. WasEmoRocknowImjustold

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    Still have no idea what the guy actually did.
  12. Is it because you didn’t read it or because you don’t think consent matters when you keep touching a woman that says no?
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  13. WasEmoRocknowImjustold

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    Didn't read it. Can you link me? I've read through posts on here and reddit and only understood "that it's really bad" but I must have missed on what he actually did. His explanation seemed dodgy at best.

    I certainly believe consent matters absolutely. Disgusted from what I'm hearing and haven't been able to listen to Brand New or Pinegrove.
  14. cwhit

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    his explanation is the only public information out there

    that is all that matters. you do not have to know what was done.
  15. Are you referring to Pinegrove or this post?

    This post has the link in the main thread:

    "Hilary Corts has shared her story ..."
  16. cwhit

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    he's talking about pinegrove
  17. personalmaps

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    It’s cool that Evan is taking it seriously now but what was the logic behind not taking it seriously in the first place. Tired of these people only caring about how “serious” all of this is when it’s about to hit their bank accounts.
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  18. personalmaps

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    Shut up and play nice?

    Fuck off. I’m also tired of woke boys telling women to be quiet for the sake of their careers. I’ve literaly had the same shit happen to me. Fuck your friendships. Fuck your connections. Put your money where your mouth is and actually do something to help us.
  19. atlas


    Have you talked to him about it? This isn't me being snarky, I reached out to him via that email earlier because I was so disappointed in what he said and he got back to me immediately to have a dialogue
  20. personalmaps

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    I’m not really sure what he could say to me that would justify telling a woman to shut up and play nice to keep a business relationship. I’m really angry right now, so maybe that could chance but in this moment, it feels too little, too late. Like I said, I want men to take it seriously when it happens, not when they’re about to have their career damaged. I’ve tried so much over the past few years to have a dialogue. In this case, right now, I’m not ready.
  21. atlas


    That's completely fair and reasonable. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind about him nor put him on some pedestal like "oh hey look, this wasn't that bad!", and I can't assume full transparency in regards to anything he said. Just putting it out there that if you want to confront/talk about it personally with him, you can.
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  22. Transient_Hymn

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    Don’t have to know what is done but there are certainly different degrees of sexual misconduct. All of them are bad and deserve to be scrutinized but I do believe some people can be forgiven and given another chance. IE Jesse Lacey vs Al Franken.

    I think some people want clarity so they can determine what relationship with the person or work is appropriate in the future.

    But also we don’t have the right to demand anything. But I understand where users are coming from. And why the question was posed.
  23. We've established that Evan Weiss can fuck off, right? Because he absolutely can.
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  24. grimis16


    You mean the guy that apologized for having a consensual relationship and feeling guilty for being able to attract girls because he plays in a band?

    Huge fan of IIOI, so this is disappointing.
  25. cwhit

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    that seems like a purposeful misunderstanding of the pinegrove post. if it was that there’s nothing he would have apologized for