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Issues - Beautiful Oblivion (October 4th, 2019) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Blink182Bouncer, May 2, 2019.

  1. Blink182Bouncer May 2, 2019
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    The iTunes info for the new Issues album "Beautiful Oblivion" (due October 4th, 2019) has leaked!


    1. Here's To You
    2. Drink About It
    3. Find Forever
    4. Tapping Out
    5. Without You
    6. Rain
    7. Downfall
    8. Second Best
    9. Get It Right
    10. Flexin'
    11. No Problem (Keep It Alive)
    12. Your Sake
    13. Beautiful Oblivion

    ISSUES - Official Website
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  2. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Single is dope. I’m amped for the full album for sure.
  3. Not really feeling that single at all. Also bummed they’re still incorporating screaming parts — was really hoping they were done with that.

    There’s bound to be a hook or two on this thing that I wind up playing the shit out of though,so I’ll check it out when it releases
  4. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    I agree that the screaming is a bit of a turn off but it’s a groovy track. Interested to hear more.
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  5. beachdude

    I'm not brave Prestigious

    Yeah, my biggest critique is definitely that the screaming feels tacked on pretty haphazardly... it doesn’t feel like it fits naturally.
  6. Blink182Bouncer


    I just feel like the guitar tone is kinda overly metallic and shrill to me, and the riffs are just single-notes played kinda djenty with no cool chord voicings and rhythms. It feels a tad uninspired. And Tyler voice sounds like the accidentally gave it a Formant Shift of 150 in the pitch editing program, and just never noticed. Of course, it's still catchy as fuck, but it's clear this isn't representative of the album and I wish they released a more envelope-pushing single.
  7. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    Yeah, it definitely feels nu-Metal but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I said to @beachdude it almost sounds it could be a WWE song.
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  8. tyramail

    Trusted Supporter

    I’m not digging this. I just feel like Tyler is so one-dimensional at this point. Even though I didn’t like the no screaming direction they were seemingly heading in, the screaming in this track seems forced and doesn’t mesh well to me. Overall, nothing worth the buildup and the wait.
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  9. redwing91007

    Next Show - Foals April 22nd Supporter

    First listen of the single didn't do much for me, gonna have to go back to it later and give it another go.
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  10. JamesMichael

    Creative Developer Prestigious

    Yeah I’m not digging this unfortunately. I thought the whole reason Michael was kicked out was because they wanted to drop the screaming? The screaming included sounds very forced. Tyler also sounds different in the song which I’m not a fan of.

    Honestly I think if they’d have stuck with Michael and gave him a chance to improve his clean vocals I could see them going further. Like COMA x 10.
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  11. atlas


    Ehhhhh. The thing I was concerned about with Howard Benson was that he was going to completely neuter the interesting chord extensions and progressions that AJ used so frequently on Headspace. It's the reason I liked that album so much and I'm not really hearing it on this song.
  12. Blink182Bouncer


    The band just did an Instagram Live Q&A which answered a lot of things
    -The reason Tyler sounds so weird in this song is because they recorded his part half a step down, then pitched it up to get the "Britney" effect

    -The reason they kicked out Michael was because a lot of their songs were always at crossroads and they felt he wasn't putting enough effort into his singing and paid for his vocal lessons themselves, and he never practiced-- plus a lot of songs (they mentioned The Realest, Coma, Tears On The Runway, & Home Soon) only had screaming shoehorned in so Michael had something to do on stage.

    -They sort of know when they'll release the album, and want to release a single every month until it comes out (as Tyler said "do the math") but the label hasn't given them confirmation yet

    -They'll never collab with Blackbear cause Tyler got in a fight with him over a girl.

    -There was a Lil Xan feature planned for the album, but his recording quality sucked cause he recorded it on his last tour before quitting

    -Meshuggah was a huge influence on the album, as was Billie Eilish.

    -AJ's screams on tapping out were recorded at his house due to his personal singing anxiety.
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  13. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    I have a bad feeling about this album...
  14. Blink182Bouncer


    ALSO Sky sings on the album.
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  15. That song is so bad.
  16. Bane

    The spiciest meme

    yea I got this feeling when Michael left but the single kind of confirms it, they really are just having the screaming to seemingly please fans instead of it being a natural thing. The song is ok I guess but why do they feel the need to alter Tyler's voice during the chorus, his voice is good enough that he can pull it off without that. I guess it's a stylistic choice but I'm not the biggest fan.
  17. DrAlanGrant

    Texas Forever

    Does this band only know one guitar tone? It’s maddening
  18. JamesMichael May 4, 2019
    (Last edited: May 4, 2019)

    Creative Developer Prestigious

    Honestly they’d have been better dropping the screaming altogether. Tyler mentions that shoehorning Michael on certain tracks just to have some screaming in there but isn’t that what they’ve done with the new single?

    I had my doubts when they announced the producer for this album as personally I didn’t think he was a good fit but I’ll keep reserved till we hear more.

    It sucks after watching that live stream Tyler did a week or so ago as I can tell from his expression that the album meant a lot to them and was a massive amount of strain.

    Fingers crossed the next single is a smash.
  19. Blink182Bouncer


    Drip, drip, drip

    Honestly though, this new single "Drink About It" is so fun. Love the way they use Tyler's falsetto, the guitats are so bouncy and fun, it does sound like a heavy version of modern R&B pop song but it works somehow. And the synth solo shouldn't work, but it does and I love it. Leagues above Tapping Out IMO.
  20. withchappedlips


    2/2. I have never enjoyed this band- and I realize Michael was the main reason for that. His vocals were so grating for me. The heavy vocal portion of Tapping Out was so unnecessary, but it didn’t kill the banger of a song it ended up being. Can’t wait to pre-order.
  21. Blink182Bouncer


  22. red8ge


    really like this single. feels exactly right
  23. Blink182Bouncer


  24. atlas


    aiite, I wasn't planning on pre ordering this, but that "bullseye" variant is too wild to pass up lol
  25. brad4846


    These feel like there missing something.