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Isaiah Dominguez Releases New EP ‘Waking Up’

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    Isaiah Dominguez has released his new EP Waking Up on Spotify and Bandcamp. The album is Isaiah’s most polished record yet. He took the time to produce and track the entire record by himself, with only a couple trusted friends tracking drums (Relient K’s Ethan Luck) and mixing (Jordan Renshaw). The end result is an honest piece of pop-rock with a raw “Springsteen” edge. Look for Dominguez’s music, self-professed “Nostalgia-Tinged Rock n’ Roll,” on Spotify or purchase the record on Bandcamp.

    Isaiah describes the new EP as such:

    Waking Up. A series of songs written in the passion of the moment. Every moment, memory, insight is 100% as if it hit me today. I took this project on myself, meaning I produced and tracked almost everything. Guitars, bass, keys, synth, everything except drums and some auxiliary sounds. The beauty is its simplicity, because I could only really work with what I had. I couldn’t get lost in gear choices or other musician features, or even really mixes because I didn’t have a lot of resources. I reached out to Ethan Luck for drums because I had seen a tweet that he wanted to start tracking for other projects. I reached out to Jordan Renshaw, because having grown musically together, I knew I could trust him to mix the record. That’s it. It was 3 people, and I can confidently say, I have never written anything better than this. When I first heard the masters, I actually, physically cried because I had captured my youth. I had found what it was that caused a 14 year old, awkward, acne ridden kid to keep writing in his bedroom. That’s all I wanted.

    You can also find Isaiah Dominguez on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and own website.

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