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iOS 10 Is Now Available

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Apple has released iOS 10 today. It should now be available via software update. A few of the reviews I’ve enjoyed reading include:

    Pixel Envy:

    I may regularly bemoan individual parts of iOS. There are certain places where I wish Apple had made more progress than they did, but there are also aspects of the system that have been greatly enhanced in ways I’d never have expected. Saying that iOS 10 is the best release of iOS yet is a bit trite — you’d kind of hope the latest version would be, right?

    But there’s so much that has gone into this version of iOS that I deeply appreciate.


    iOS 7 was a redesign, wiping away rich textures and putting physics-based interactions in their place. iOS 8 was a re-architecture, decoupling actions from apps and letting them extend into other interfaces and continue across devices. iOS 9 was a rewiring, setting up intelligence and proactivity, but in a way that respected privacy and security.

    Now, iOS 10 takes all those things and pushes them forward.

    Mac Stories:

    At the same time, iOS 10 is more than a collection of new features. It’s the epitome of Apple’s approach to web services and AI, messaging as a platform, virtual assistants, and the connected home. And as a cornucopia of big themes rather than trivial app updates, iOS 10 shows another side of Apple’s strategy:

    Sometimes, change is necessary.

  2. I usually ignore updates, but this sounds like one I should hop on.
  3. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    I've been running the beta over the summer and the final release since last week, and I think they did a great job. iOS 8 and 9 didn't really feel any different to me when I updated to them, but 10 has changed the way I use my phone, particularly with the way they handle widgets now.
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  4. JulieLynn

    Resident Eye-roller Supporter

    so I am the unlucky fuck that has to connect to itunes in order to reinstall iOS for this update. Currently at work and no access to itunes and now without a phone for the day.
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  5. reesy


    Have been running it since beta 3. Music app is sexaaay
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  6. jorbjorb


    almost making me want to get apple music again
  7. schackbr


    happened to me too. was absolutely obnoxious.
  8. robargarthan


    I really like aspects of the update like the new widgets section but I really don't like how the Music app looks like it was made for someone that can't see with the huge text. I thought it was perfect in iOS 9. Also not sure how I feel about clicking the Home button to unlock and the new Control Center but I'll get used to it. This is the first update I haven't immediately loved so I'm a bit nervous about what'll be coming in iOS 11.
  9. Furman


    Same thing happened to me when trying to update OTA. Bricked my phone for nearly 3 hours! It's up now. Trying to update from my computer. Luckily I was home when it happened & I didn't lose anything because I definitely did not back it up before!
  10. Eric Wilson

    Trusted Supporter

    Fantastic update.
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  11. DearCory


    Wasn't fond of the updates when announced at WWDC... but after using the beta for the past week, this is a SOLID update. It really feels like a great improvement. I thought messages was going to be sloppy, but it actually kinda works pretty nicely (except now I'll have to explain it to my mom every week and will constantly get messages that slam on my screen and shoot off fireworks in the background)

    The music app is really nice, except the Now Playing screen... who ever created that should be fired. It looks like a screen that would be on the Jitterbug with how big the buttons are! YUCK.
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  12. aranea

    Trusted Prestigious

    Was waiting for Apple News to be redesigned.
  13. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated. Supporter

    Agreed with everyone's thoughts on the Music app. If anyone is interested, Cesium is a great alternative provided you aren't using Apple Music. It works just like the iPod app did in the earlier incarnations of iOS.
  14. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

    Usually I download as soon as possible, but the ugly new Apple Music is holding back. Ill probably end up doing it later, but I'm probably one of the only ones that likes the old Apple Music.
  15. Furman


    Hmmmm, thought I saw somewhere that there would be an avocado & salad emoji. Doesn't seem like "over 100 new emojis". And the water gun :sly:. Doesn't really convey the self deprecating nature of my texts. Ha
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  16. goation


    You are not alone. I don't think the old Apple Music was perfect, but why the hell am I being assaulted with old persons 2-inch bold font in the new version. Geez. It seems so unlike Apple to make something so obtrusive and clunky. I like having the album art bigger in iTunes though.
  17. JulieLynn

    Resident Eye-roller Supporter

    Got it working now. It that was the worst.
  18. theredline

    Regular Supporter

    So only took about 15 minutes for me!!!
  19. This update is awesome
  20. JohnR831


    Solid update, but I think I hate the music app. I don't want to use apple music. I want to use the music that I've downloaded (from iTunes!) The fact that I can't access my music as soon as I open the app is irritating to me. I have to tap downloaded music, then artists to get to it each time I open the app fresh. They've again changed the order of the albums. I preferred them sorted chronologically (or reverse; doesn't matter) The recently added albums is a waste of space to me. I'm usually not one to complain about updates and stuff, but music is the one thing I'd like to make sense (to me). Maybe in time I'll get used to it...
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  21. CMilliken


    There are things I like about the music app then there are others I hate.
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  22. SayHello


    I vehemently dislike the new lock screen. As an individual with an iPhone 6, my touch sensor isn't fast or accurate enough to remove the swipe to unlock feature. So, on that premise alone, iOS 10 is no good (for me) because it's already frustrating me.
  23. oneeightytwo


    I agree with the home button point. My biggest flaw with the new OS. I can see what they're trying to do but still, it was better on the old OS where a tap would unlock to the main app screen, not the Home screen.
  24. pbueddi


    i miss swipe to unlock. gonna take a while before i learn to tap the home button instead.
  25. schackbr


    question. is spotify still better than apple music at this point?

    i'm still a spotify user but wondering what people are thinking.