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iOS 10.3 Beta Adds “Find My AirPods”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Joanna Stern, at the Wall Street Journal:

    Apple has added an alarm to help find earbuds in proximity. Tap “Play Sound” in the iOS app and the AirPod will start chirping. In the app, you can specify which AirPod you’d like to sound. Only problem? If the AirPod’s battery runs out, it’ll remain silent.

    In regard to losing these little suckers, I agree with John Gruber:

    In short, the best way not to lose them is to treat them as easily lost, valuable objects. I’ve misplaced my AirPods in my house far more often than I’ve come close to actually losing them — that’s the feature I’m looking forward to with AirPods support in Find My iPhone.

    I spoke in more detail about the AirPods on last week’s podcast, but, in short: I love these things and don’t think I could go back to any other type of in-ear headphone.

  2. transrebel59


    That is weird they didn't have something like that available from the start.
  3. theredline

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    @Jason Tate so do they stay in your ears? I've never had much success with the new corded ones...the old ones always worked better for my ears
  4. I've had no problem with them in my ear. I can shake my head and they stay in. But everyone's ears are different and shaped a little different.
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  5. bloodinthesand


    As the competition grows, the novelty of these will wear out quick...I'll stick to my, they just look ridiculous imo
  6. Not if the W1 chip remains proprietary. That's why they're great.
  7. josh-

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    But how good do they sound? And are they noise cancelling?
  8. Better than the regular earpods, perfect for podcasts (which is what I listen to on them most), not bad for music, and no.
  9. bloodinthesand


    Not nearly as good as some high end Shure or jh audio products....
  10. Shure headphones are not that good. But if you're buying wireless Bluetooth for audio quality you're making weird choices anyway.
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  11. Larry David

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    Can't wait to invest in some
  12. CyberInferno Jan 25, 2017
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    I still prefer my Powerbeats 3's. They've got the W1 chip in them, so they get the easy pairing + better quality features. 12 hours of continuous playback and 1 hour of playback on 5 minutes of charge. I can do all these things without talking to Siri: control volume, pause/resume music, skip track, and go back a track. Plus, I never have to worry about them falling off and getting lost (there's a cord behind my neck that connects them, hooks over the ears to hold them in place, and different sized ear tips). They stay in while running, working out, etc.

    The only pros to the AirPods as far as I can tell are the carrying case (the rubber pouch for the Powerbeats 3 seems cheap, is awkward to put them in, and it doesn't charge anything. Also, the auto on/off when they're in it would be a nice feature) and they're much easier to put in your ears. You get used to putting in the Powerbeats 3's, but it takes some practice, and it's still not as quick as the earrings.
  13. bloodinthesand


    You must not have heard the Shure 846
  14. They're not wireless. I have wired headphones for when I want to sit down with headphones.
  15. The cord sucks if you're doing anything not involving working out. I have a pair that I use when I workout, and that's a good feature. But the rest of the time: actually wireless is amazing.
  16. bloodinthesand


    I'm aware they aren't wireless, strictly talking sound quality
  17. bloodinthesand


    If you get headphones that have over the ear cords that run down your back, they never get in the way
  18. Then you're in a weird thread comparing apples to oranges, as no one is claiming these are supposed to sound better than wired cans.
  19. bloodinthesand


    Actually, the thread turned into about sound quality...but whatever, to each his own.....there are products coming out over the next few months that will destroy the air buds
  20. If they don't have the W1 chip, they won't for me. As I already said.