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    Yeah its pretty new. If you download iOS 11 its on the control panel thing when you swipe up.
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    If you like photos of Vegan food, graffiti, and my kids... amp.rok
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    My user name on Instagram is rossismyname. I thought I was hella clever when I made it years ago.
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    This may be a long shot but is there any way to retrieve photos that you have uploaded to Instagram into your “photos” on iPhone? I had photos that I had taken at Deftones in Glasgow but the phone I had them on was stolen and don’t think they were backed up but I have the photos uploaded on my Instagram account. Is it possible to save them to “photos” on my iPhone or am I being to optimistic? Haha
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    You can go to the instagram website and go to your account, right click and select "View Page Source" (I think it's the same in Chrome and Firefox), on your keyboard hit Ctrl-F(search), and then search for .jpg; the result that comes up, select the whole http address, through .jpg, and then post that in your address bar and enter; the picture you uploaded will now be there for you to save to your computer
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    That’s great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I’m wanting to get the photos framed and on my wall but when my phone got stolen I was worried that I’d missed my chance to get the photos back.
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    No problem! I've done that a bunch for various landscape accounts I follow, for photos I really like; pretty nifty trick
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