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Instagram to Allow Multiple Photos Per Post

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Instagram is adding the ability to post up to 10 photos with each post. Josh Constine, reporting for TechCrunch:

    Today, Instagram launches the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post that friends can swipe through. You can think of them as Instagram albums that collect permanent photos or videos around a theme. The feature rolls out globally on iOS and Android over the next few weeks.

  2. Zoshchenko

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    Pretty neat. It'll be interesting to see how people, brands, teams, etc use it.
  3. Dang. This makes me want to start using Instagram again!
  4. spencpants

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    I kind of hate this - and know that hardly anyone will ever look for more than the first image.. This is "great" for ads, but I hope my friends keep away.
  5. Schooner


    Great. Now I'm gonna see 10 different selfies instead on the 1
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  6. But why
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  7. midnightxtaylor


    On the one hand this will make me feel better about posting a bunch of photos from the same show at once, but I also kind of hate the idea for everything else.
  8. Exactly why I think it's a cool/good idea. I am self-conscious about spamming on Instagram (it's why I use stories more, cause it's a different feeling), but would not feel bad about using this to show multiple photos or an "album" and not feel like I spammed people with photos.
  9. spencpants

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    Just so long as you know that hardly anyone will look pass the first photo.
  10. I'd rather that than spam people with 10 of my photos to be honest. Most of my instagram is just stuff I like to have a record of anyway. I'm always surprised people look at my cats and beer anyway. ;-)
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  11. coleslawed

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    This will be nice for concerts (like others said), and other times where I want to take a series of photos. I'll no longer either have to rapid fire them out together in the hopes they are all seen, or have to remember to post the next in a series a day/week/month later.
    the only bummer for me right now is that it's square only. I guess if I do use it I'll just go back to framing photos.
  12. crunchprank Prestigious

    I'm confused as to how this is different than the current Stories feature at the top of people's feeds? It seems like the same to me, except in a different spot. With Stories you can post multiple pictures/videos in a single "post" or "story". Will they keep Stories and this? Am I misreading the article?
  13. ComedownMachine

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    Stories last 24 hours so that's a pretty big difference
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  14. coleslawed

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    ^yup, these will be part of your main feed.
  15. crunchprank Prestigious

    Lol didn't even think about that. Thanks. So yeah, now I'm pretty interested. Seems cool.
  16. skogsraet

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    I'm 100% for this, especially cause my brother also spams because he wants a lot of pictures he's taken in the past month on his profile and off his phone so I think this is going to work out for a lot of people. There is, however, a not so small part of me that's not looking forward to seeing 3 or 4 selfies at a time from people way better looking than me when I can barely get a good picture, haha.
  17. Luroda

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    Instagram merchants will like this a lot.
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