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Instagram Announces IGTV

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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    Josh Constine, writing for TechCrunch:

    Today at a flashy event in San Francisco, the company announced it will begin allowing users to upload videos up to one hour in length, up from the previous one-minute limit. And to house the new longer-form videos from content creators and the general public, Instagram is launching IGTV. Accessible from a button inside the Instagram homescreen, as well as a standalone app, IGTV will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities.

  2. spencpants

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    I don't want this.
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  3. KyleK

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    I don't know if the world needs more platforms for social media celebrities...
    Not that "need" ever has anything to do with it.
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  4. Zoshchenko

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    Interested in seeing how this eventually develops and is used by creators and viewers. Perhaps it's not for me, but I'm sure some people will find some utility in it.
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  5. I spent eight minutes watching John Mayer talking about recording and producing "New Light." Would never have gone on YouTube to watch that, but it was convenient (which made it more fun? enjoyable?). I'm so here to watch the creations of people I follow. I'm not too interested in having the popular/trending section, which I feel will be kinda bland and celebrity-oriented.
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  6. PureBlueSF

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    Nobody was asking for this.
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  7. vein.ftm

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    Some cool short-films could come out of this concept
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  8. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    This can be my time to shine, though!
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  9. midnightxtaylor


    I'm not so sure. I watch a few YouTubers who have used the platform for almost a decade and they've been very unhappy with it lately (and I've seen them retweet from many others echoing this).
  10. popdisaster00

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    I'm good.
  11. Zoshchenko

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    actually i specifically did, i’m glad they listened

    But really I don’t remember people clamoring for Instagram Stories, but they did it and has gutted Snapchat. There’s low odds that IGTV makes any dent in YouTube, but I’m sure there’s a spot for IGTV to flourish even without it being a demanded feature.

    It’s also easy to avoid/not use, so I don’t really understand the point of the comment tbh
  12. PureBlueSF

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    I guess it just seems redundant to have this many video services that are all going to be ruined by people like Logan Paul anyway. But if it is something you'd use, that's totally cool and I respect it.
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