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Inside Amazon’s Fake Review Economy

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 9, 2018.

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    Nicole Nguyen, writing at BuzzFeed:

    The systems that create fraudulent reviews are a complicated web of subreddits, invite-only Slack channels, private Discord servers, and closed Facebook groups, but the incentives are simple: Being a five-star product is crucial to selling inventory at scale in Amazon’s intensely competitive marketplace — so crucial that merchants are willing to pay thousands of people to review their products positively.

  2. Kiana

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    At first I was like wow is nothing sacred??? But now I'm like... So about that $$$
  3. oldjersey

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    Okay, so I can get paid to be a 5 star reviewer? Sign me up I am willing to lay my pride aside.
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  4. oldjersey

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    Also, most of my online purchases as decided by Amazon review lol. At least it's usually the people with the photo proof that they actually possess the item.
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  5. Bayside 182

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    I am not surprised by this one bit. I also find that some "reviewers" don't even understand the reviewing process and it hurts some products. I was recently looking at something on Amazon with only a handful of reviews and they were basically all 4 or 5 star reviews and there was a lone 1 star review that said "came three days late, unacceptable" and proceeded to give it one star, so the product had a 3 star rating when it basically only had solid reviews. They don't understand that the product review is not the same as the seller review, oh well.
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  6. ineverlose


    I've found that this problem is getting worse and worse lately...Amazon definitely has some work to do in figuring out how to curb this. I've had luck using sites like when analyzing whether or not reviews seem to be fake.
  7. jpmalone4

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    When I interned at a small record label years ago they gave me prepaid debit cards to purchase their releases on Amazon, award five stars, and write favorable reviews. Not ethical at all but they claimed everyone did it.

    Hats off to these people though - at least, unlike me, they got paid to do this! :uhoh:
  8. Ryan

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    Really makes me think twice about buying things from Amazon.
  9. ARo24


    I feel like a dam fool now but it makes absolute sense.
  10. summertimejesus

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    Honestly SAME. I need that $$ and this sounds better than writing essays for college students (not that I'm doing that now).
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  11. Shrek

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  12. Malatesta

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    tbh given how amazon likes using Most purchased/Best reviewed to inform searches, i wouldn't be surprised if they only at best selectively enforced this to weed out harmful or real shitty products
  13. BBowermaster


    This and to also so they can have a monopoly with their Amazon Vine program.