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Incarnate Tour - Killswitch, Memphis May Fire, 36 Crazyfists Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by Davjs, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Davjs


    I saw the tour last night and all three bands sounded great and put on energetic sets (I missed the opener Toothgrinder). I don't see a Tour Discussion section in the forums like at AP, so here are the setlists below in case anyone is curious.

    36 Crazyfists -
    I'll Go Until My Heart Stops
    At The End of August
    The Heart and the Shape
    We Gave It Hell
    Sorrow Sings
    Also Am I
    Time and Trama
    Slit Wrist Theory

    Memphis May Fire -
    Beneath the Skin
    Prove Me Right
    Stay the Course
    Alive in the Lights
    No Ordinary Love
    The Sinner

    Killswitch Engage -
    Strength of the Mind
    A Bid Farewell
    Numbered Days
    Alone I stand
    Beyond the Flames
    The Arms of Sorrow
    The New Awakening
    Hate By Design
    Take This Oath
    This Fire Burns
    Rose of Sharyn
    Embrace the Journey...Upraised
    My Last Serenade
    The End of Heartache
    My Curse
    In Due Time
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    I wish I'd have caught this when it came through Dallas. Would've loved to see 36CF