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    Imogen Heap is an English singer-songwriter and composer. She is known for her work as part of the musical duo Frou Frou and her solo albums, which she writes, produces, and mixes.
    So good.
  2. SpyKi

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    Love pretty much all of her stuff, especially Frou Frou.
  3. George

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    Couldn't get into Sparks as much as I would have liked, but the two before that and Frou Frou are gold.
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    Yeah Sparks is super disjointed and inconsistent. I'm guessing a lot of it was down to how it was made, there's still a handful of songs on there I love though.
  6. polyfilla

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    this is too dead
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  7. Me & My Arrow

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    New song is a fun experiment:

    Imogen is interesting in that I love her music and she's written several of my favorite songs, but she doesn't have a single album I love as a whole. I think she jumps around just enough stylistically that there are large chunks of her discography that just don't appeal. But when she's on, it's unreal. Personal favorites:

    Wait It Out
    First Train Home
    Can't Take It In
    Let Go
    You Know Where to Find Me
    Hide and Seek
    The Listening Chair (have to be in the right mindset, but it's incredible)
  8. SpyKi

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    I think every song on Details is incredible and I'd say like 90% of SFY is too. The last couple of albums have been more inconsistent.
  9. polyfilla

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    Some of my faves:

    Glittering Clouds
    Not Now But Soon
    Let Go
    Have You Got It In You?
    The Moment I Said It

    But I also made this list pre-Sparks so I'd definitely add You Know Where to Find Me and Xizi She Knows.
  10. SpyKi

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    Let Go
    It's Good to Be in Love
    Must Be Dreaming
    Daylight Robbery
    Just for Now
    Goodnight and Go
    Half Life
    First Train Home
    Between Sheets

    Few of my favs.