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Imogen Heap – “The Quiet”

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    Imogen Heap has shared the new song, “The Quiet,” from her new project. The full press release can be found below and she’s also on the latest NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

    Prolific creator and visionary innovator, Imogen Heap has released “The Quiet” song package today on Linda Perry and Kerry Brown’s label We Are Hear, which includes a special Baths reimagined version. Heap will also launch The Quiet, SKIO Collaborator Quest next week, offering the stems of the song and 50% of all recording royalties on any release. One version will contribute to and mark the beginning of an album of collaborations, celebrating her 25 year long career in 2020.
    “The Quiet” HERE
    “The Quiet” Reimagined Version by Baths HERE

    “My fondest music making memories have come from collaborating yet I haven’t done nearly enough of it” shares Heap. “There’s a sense of daring to go somewhere new that’s easier to accomplish with the right accomplice. I want to get taken out of my comfort zone time and time again in the making of this album, to discover new edges of my creativity as a musician, recording artist and producer, that I hope will prep me for the next 25 years of making music.

    To kick off the news of the album concept, I’m releasing ahead of the album my original version of a new song entitled “The Quiet” alongside a reimagined version of it I commissioned from the fabulous Baths and thirdly partnering with SKIO, launching a quest for the final version of the song that will ultimately end up on my new album.

    I’m making the stems available and for any recordings that materialise offering 50% of recording royalties whether on or off the album. For clarity, 100% of the song composition royalties remain with me. I just ask that when people upload their recordings anywhere to please follow the title example “The Quiet reimagined by … “. I can’t wait to listen to what comes through!”

    Revered for her captivating presence and unique performing style, Imogen Heap is thrilled to share her NPR Tiny Desk Concert released yesterday! Recognized for creative works including Hide and Seek and Tiny Human, Heap recently wrapped up the North American leg of The Mycelia World Tour — her first world tour since 2010. With a carefully curated line-up of concerts, talks and hosted events, she engaged with the creative community to bring together content makers, fans and the industry in a unique and innovative format.

    The 40 city tour to date and counting, is being harnessed as a platform to reach music makers and further grassroots develop the first stages of Mycelia’s non profit Digital ID, The Creative Passport. Equipped with a password free, verified log-in to all integrated music services, music makers are empowered to contribute to and drive forward a future thriving music ecosystem. Whether adding to or correcting existing song data, having a point from which their public information is distributed from, privately sharing useful information between business partners, discovering new services available to them and musicians previously unknown to them. The possibilities are endless and many closer than we think with a pioneering set of services, developing alongside to kick start the interactions for Creative Passport holders.

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