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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by brandon_260, Mar 18, 2016.

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    I am not going to do that wiki copy paste thing y'all are doing but he is sick. Nothing has hit as hard as his self titled EP, but he's now released four good to great projects since then. Drink More Water 6 out today.

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    New tape is not great. Not bad either but he's either gotten lazy or run out of creative steam. Wonder if this is why his album is being held up.
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    i love drink more water 6 honestly
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    tbh I am very jealous. I adore DMW5 though and I didn't see too much love for that when it came out. He's has scattered great tracks on EP2, Rich the Kid tape and this one but nothing has held together as well as the first EP. I really hope these are just extras/deemed not strong enough for his debut because he still seems confident in it.
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    5 is def better but theres a ton to love on 6 for me.
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    I do like Solo, I Only Trip With U and Turn Off the Lies a lot. Never gonna count him out though. You can't write shit like Tuesday, No Ma'am and I Don't Sell Molly and not have more inside.
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    He's doing a mixtape with Lil Yachty
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    What a tune
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    Finally listened to this year’s Fun Summer Vol. 1 EP today. Full of hits. Some of his best stuff. So bummed Killing Me is only a minute and a half.
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    Im steady countin paper that comes from the trees!

    That thing is really great, it's exactly what makes Makonnen great. It's the kind of hooks that sound like they shouldn't work but somehow get stuck in your head
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    New EP

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    fucking lonely thoughts making me weep thanks makkonenn