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If You Really Wanna Get Me A Gift

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 2, 2016.

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    As we enter December I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for visiting our website each day. November was one of the best months our forum has seen since we launched, and I’m starting to gear up for the new year. I have some ideas to make our membership options a little more straight forward, and streamline everything on that end as we continue to expand coverage and grow our community. In the meantime, a huge thank you to everyone that has become a supporting member and helped us outpace even my conservative estimates of where we might be by the end of the year.

    If you’re looking for a Christmas present to get me, think about upgrading your forum account for a year! Or maybe if you do your holiday shopping at Amazon use our affiliate link. Both really do help push us through this relatively slow news, and advertising, period of the music industry.

    I hope everyone has been enjoying the new website as much as I’ve being enjoying running it.

  2. SoundInTheSignals

    @Bake_Wear /

    It's been a fun year watching you transition from AP to Chorus and doing such a good job with this new site. I'm glad you continue to do it.
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  3. They Call Me Jake

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    If I decide to use Amazon for my Christmas gifts, I'll be sure to use that affiliate link
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  4. suicidesaints

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    How did I not know that there was a Chorus/Amazon affiliate link? Will definitely be using that.
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  5. PandaBear!

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    Damn right I've been enjoying posting here! Glad you are enjoying running the site Jason; I hope you're aware of how thankful we are that this community exists.
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  6. ConArdist

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    Genuinely really love the new's been great meeting people here. Once my earnings from Ditto come through I will support.
  7. ConArdist

    Subgenres Should Die

    I think youtube comments are just slightly more insightful, but yeah good site nonetheless. Haha :tongue: