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Idles - Brutalism (Balley Records, March 10th, 2017) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Wall Of Arms, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Wall Of Arms



    Realised there wasn't a thread here for one of my favourite albums of the year, an incredibly important album for the current times and one of my favourite albums in some time.

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  2. Wall Of Arms


    Lil sumsin I wrote for the " 50 Bands You Need To Hear" feature:

    "Very rarely will a band be both tied to their influences in a way that allows them to exist on their own platform whilst simultaneously feeling very worthy amongst said classics and also come along at just. the. right. time. Bristol, England based band IDLES released their debut album Brutalism in March and it’s the most perfect call-to-arms, the rally-round, the gang mentality against the injustices and divisions so prevalent in the world lately. Spilling over with angry fuck yous, relentless rhythm sections and wired guitars whilst maintaining a sense of humour throughout, there’s few albums as directly raw sonically and as on-point culturally as this in 2017.

    Recommended Track: “Mother

    RIYL: Pissed Jeans, Iceage, The Fall
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  3. softanimal

    It's my mum's dodge caravan

    Can't believe this didn't have a thread before, is a sick album and Mother one of my songs of the year without a doubt. Saw them live on Tuesday too, and they're a lot of fun. Maybe resonates slightly more with younger people in UK but fantastic punk album imo
  4. Wall Of Arms


    Yeah just been re-watching some live sets over the summer on YouTube. Saw them live a few times this year and they've just become one of my favourite bands since the beginning of the year. SO great.

    Amazing that Foos picked them to support them at the o2 too, crazy proud.
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  5. softanimal

    It's my mum's dodge caravan

    Hoping to see them in a far more intimate venue in London this November which would be awesome. Was great to see them support Foos, don't think a lot of the crowd were exactly their target audience but it went down well, they have so much energy live and I loved it!
  6. Wall Of Arms


    Haha yeah I love how they embrace the negativity towards them.

    Ah nice you going to Village Underground? Sames.
  7. softanimal

    It's my mum's dodge caravan

    Yep hopefully, going to have to try and find a ticket though as missed out on them before it sold out :/
  8. Wall Of Arms


    I'll keep an ear out for you too.
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  9. lina555


    Oh I love them! Really great music.
  10. This album is fucking WILD, huge thank to @Wall Of Arms for the rec
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  11. PauLo

    43% Burnt

    Just finished listening to this for the first time and it's bloody great.

    Moving onto Joy as an Act of Resistance now...