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I the Mighty – “Degenerates” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. carlosonthedrums

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    Such a brilliant band with a staggering collection of beautiful songs. It saddens me that they'll likely never get the recognition they deserve.
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  3. oakhurst

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    One of the best songs off their new album
  4. disambigujason

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    Live vids bore me but the song is wonderful
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  5. mattylikesfilms


    This record still bums me out whenever I’m reminded of it- only because Connector is so great from start to finish.. and this is not.

    Sure some songs are fine but it’s just not up to par in my opinion. Hopefully we get another record sooner than later.
  6. slickdtc

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    I actually skip this song (the opener) because Pet Names has such an awesome intro and this song is so slow to start, though I must admit it’s beautiful and I’ve been giving it more time of late. Nice video, I typically don’t care for live ones but this was well done.

    Chaos in Motion, Silver Tongues, Where the Mind Wants to Go, and 111 Winchester are amazing songs. Even some of the songs I consider somewhat filler have their moments... and it all adds up to be my favorite album of last year.

    I’m comfortable saying I the Mighty is my favorite band currently active.
  7. mattylikesfilms


    “Pet Names”, “Sympthony of Skin”, “Sleepwalker”, and “Escapism” are the only songs I really enjoy on the record. With that said, lyrically, those songs feature some cringey lyrics.
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  8. bloodinthesand


    Great album
  9. sukottokairu


    one of the best songs on the new album, and i really like the live video, they did good capturing the emotion of the song with their live energy
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  10. Helloelloallo


    This might be the only song I genuinely like on the album. I'd like pet names if the lyrics weren't so gross and sucky and there's a couple other songs where the parts don't quote equal the sum. However, I absolutely love seeing them live. They are one of the best of this genre in how well they nail their record sound.
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  11. This is pretty easily the best song on the record
  12. Zip It Chris

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    It's confused me since the album was released how such a great song can be on such a bad album...this is one of my favorite songs of 2017, that I've listened to on repeat multiple times.
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  13. bloodinthesand


    amazing album
  14. I honestly forgot this record came out, and I still jam Connector. This song is alright.
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  15. slickdtc

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    Haha, those are a few of the songs I would consider filler. Escapism especially. But yet I still enjoy them immensely, they just don’t satisfy me in the same way the ones I listed do.

    Didn’t realize no one on here liked this album. I thought it was a great follow to the Oil in Water EP (I wish this was a normal thing, to rework songs in different styles!) and Connector album.
  16. atlas


    i liked this album! Quality of the tunes goes up and down a little bit but their sound is in a good place right now imo. I know a lot of people are clamoring for the heavier stuff but c'mon listen to "The Sound of Breathing" and tell me they don't do that way better
  17. I don't care if they're heavy or not - the lyrics on that album were atrocious (from what I can remember) and the songwriting was just boring. They're usually much more inventive and they leaned on a lot of cliches. And when you're gonna write pop music (in terms of structure), it better be damn good. These songs just weren't.
  18. slickdtc

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    “I think I’ll eat this whole pizza to my self!” is on the cutting edge of lyrical mastery!!!

    I understand everyone’s criticisms, truly. Trust me I cringed at some of the lyrics too. But the masterpieces like “111 Winchester” make up for any soft lyrical content and besides, I love the sound, the vocals, and don’t need to be challenged mentally to love an album or song. I just like to rock! ITM does it for me.