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  1. Going back and reading through this thread is a trip lol
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  2. Cantfindthatsong


    Guys I need help I cant find the song anywhere because I dont know any lyrics but the song reminds me of wrecking ball by miley cyrus when she sings:
    I came in like a Wrecking ball
    I've never hit so hard in love
    all I wanted was to break your walls
    All you ever did

    and a male dude is singing it and I think its a bit older but from 1980 until 2010 it can be everything
  3. red8ge


    does anyone remember a Party in the USA parody that some pop-punk band made in like 09 or so that was about playing shitty venues? I know it made its way around AP.net
  4. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    idk if this is it but I sung those lyrics to the tune of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” in my head.
  5. AKali19


    That always happens to me.
  6. AKali19


    It probably is Gotye's song. Sang it in my head too.
  7. jul78000


    Hi all,

    the "Big Little lies"'s soundtrack make me think to another song I have already heard... specially the chorus at the begin at this video :

    Does anyone have any idea ?

    thank you !!
  8. Ska Senanake


    Renegade by Abandoned Pools?

  9. FTank

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    Looks like the bots have taken over this thread.
  10. jul78000


    Why do you say that ?
    I have still no reply to my question :
  11. tyramail

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    This is probably a huge longshot. There was a band around the Pure Volume era that I think had some variation of “in”, “her”, and/or “memory” in the name. If I remember correctly the band name had no spaces either, the words were just together.
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    That it?
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  14. Jeroen Sempels


    I am looking for a song from the 90's I think.
    From a mail black singer with a deep voice (like barry white)
    I only remember the first few lyrics. It whas a catchy upbeat tune :)

    Lyrics: I sit by the Phone....sit all alone, waiting for you to call and tell me you wanne come home.....

    The clip whas the man singing with a few beautifull background dancers with some disco lights…
    Hope that is enough for somebody to recognize it :)
    Thx all