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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

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    There was a band called Red (i think)that had a single in the early 2000's-2004 range that showed up on a Various Artists thing, and it was bangin...they've turned into a sound I'm no longer interested in but I've been longing for the guitar riff for years now...
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    Breathe Into Me?
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    So there's a singer/songwriter I was recommended a while back, and was getting into... but now cannot find again for the life of me! His first album was essentially folk with touches of country, it got a bit of critical acclaim and he was getting a fanbase. Then his second album was extremely polarizing because he abandoned a lot of his old sound to go for a more modern "alternative R&B" sound, but I personally loved both albums. I remember he was really good with writing gorgeous melodies and that carried over in both albums. That's all I got lol, please help this is bugging me.
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    UPDATE: Dug through old messages and found the artist, it's Night Beds which is technically a band.

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    Am looking for that Bangarang! Album: Frozen over first in line. Anyone know where I can snag it?
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    You could youtube to mp3 this link and chop up the songs yourself in a DAW, or use one of the many sketchy download links I found when googling "frozen over first in line download"
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    There's this jazz band made up of three people and they're not named after the pianist like most trios are, and the pianist just left the band and was replaced by someone else...but I can't think of the name. Can someone help?
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    I am looking for a band/artist/song. The issue is that this music I am speaking of is something I cannot remember the Lyrics to or the tune that goes along with it. But I remember enjoying it.
    I also remember what the album cover looked like. I believe the album cover consisted of a Red Convertible siting in front of a mansion. A 2nd alternative cover showed a black person driving the vehicle on a road next to a dead field or maybe a corn field. Clouds may resign in both album covers.

    1st Album cover:
    -Red Convertible
    -Horizontal view of camera aligned with the vehicle

    2nd Album cover:
    -Red convert.
    -Slanted Overhead view of a Black man Driving
    -Driving on road next to a dead field (maybe cornfield)(I know those are two different things but I can't member what lied in the field. )

    Hope someone finds this!
    I apologize for the vague description
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    Okay, this has been driving me crazy.

    There’s this chill rock song that was always on the radio when i was younger (I think like late-90’s to mid-2000’s). I know it’s popular but I have no idea who it’s by and never understood the lyrics. The chorus melody goes “ayyeee ayy ayy” and has an almost African sound to it. I’ve tried to find it but I don’t even know what to search for.
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    Hey ya - outkast lol?
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    Lol! If I described “Hey Ya” as a chill rock song with an almost African sound I should be banned from everything.
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    hence the lol in my post, haha.
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    This post and response is my favorite thing on this site right now. LOL!
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    There's nothing more difficult than describing a song that you can't remember.
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    I think I posted this on the Absolutepunk version of this thread, but does anyone know where I can find a digital download of Bag Your Face by The Nelsons? They were a new wave band from Lubbock, Texas, in the 80s. I can find some YouTube videos and it looks like not-unreasonable vinyl wouldn't be just hugely difficult to find, but I'd really like something relatively HQ for my computer and phone.
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    Ok this is going to be very vauge, because I don't recall the band, or a song, album. The band was very experimental but kind of dark/heavy( think BATHS, or The Antlers) i believe it only consists of two members, electronic elements. The particular album might have been a concept, themes of mortality. I think a lyric was something like "string me up from these walls" or something. The artwork was some kind of like renaissance/medieval. I'm pretty sure it was on a bunch of eoty list in 2013-2014 maybe, I dunno help appreciated.
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    Wasn’t sure of a better thread to post this. But what the hell happened to this band “For The Foxes”? They were signed to Hopeless, released an EP and then just disappeared. No announcement, no info available anywhere.

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    There was a female fronted group, pretty sure it was a two-piece. I believe "Wild" was either part of the band's name or one of their albums. The first song on the record I have in mind had a prominent bass line that had a reggae feel. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
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    Not reggae vibes but The Young Wild, or Wild Ones fit the female and “wild” thing.
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to remember a song that was released quite recently. All I can remember is that the music video shows the band playing the song at the bottom of an empty pool and I believe there was a sofa placed there and the members were performing different activities such as skateboarding.

    Not too sure on the genre, think it was probably indie rock or maybe dream pop.
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    Yo. Been searching for an old Cartel song called "Radioheadish". Does ANYONE have an mp3 of this?
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    Screamed male vocals "everything you say is a lie"

    That's all I have to go off of. Anyone know this one?
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    Early/Mid 2000's indie song... opens up with ooh-oooh-ooh ooh ooh-ooh-oooooh with a kick drums and tamberine going off... not much to go off of, can't think of it to save my life.