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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

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    I did end up finding my song after almost two months. “Leave” by Afterparty. So happy I found it!
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    Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Does anyone have King of the Mountain (12" and Single Mix) and Too High by Midnight, Gavin Rossdale's old band?
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    Song thats played on alternative radio (poppish):

    You're my number one, my lucky star - something like that , perhaps the Lumineers (no, not them, but similar ) The only lyrics I remember....

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    Fire escape by Andrew McMahon
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    Bingo. TYVM.
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    I am so glad this thread exists! I am looking for two b-sides from The Early November, off their LP 'The Room's Too Cold'

    Looking for 'Just Enough' and 'Make it Happen' please!

  9. steve187 Feb 8, 2017
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    there was a hardcoreish band from like 2007ish that sampled movie quotes and then changed the singer after like 2 albums. and i think on later releases they redid old songs
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    I'm trying to remember the name of a band that probably released most of their stuff around 2007-2010. They had two singers, a guy and a girl (with a full band), and the girl was black and had an incredible voice. The music was poppy, but indie/emo oriented, and they had a This Providence Our Worlds Divorce vibe to them (as well as Sherwood and The Rocket Summer).
    I dug out my old ipod to remember the name because I knew it was on there, but accidentally erased everything on it while connecting it to my itunes haha. Their name is on the tip of my tongue and for the better part of the past hour it's been killing me. Any help?

    EDIT: Never mind I got it! The Morning Of was what I was thinking about.
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    This is probably super vague, but for the longest time I've been trying to find a band I came across, their name was kind of weird, they were like part ska part screamo. I think their most popular song had "die" in the title, not positive. I really don't expect an answer haha but going through playlists and whatnot and I've just never come across them again
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    ISO title/band for the song with the chorus, of some sort, 'feeling so alive' - a band with a female. Im thinking shes not with the band normally. Popular now, getting LOTS of airplay on alternative stations.

    Or maybe it's 'feeling so alone....' - Now I forget. I googled billboard top 40 alternative, but didnt see anything.... It sounds like Beyonce, I guess.
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    Coldplay with Beyonce. Hymn for the weekend... feeling drunk and high.
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    Whatever happened to that band For the Foxes that signed to Hopeless Records a few years ago?
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    The Best of the Worst?
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    Can't think of the band but it may be Build It Up, or that was their song/album title.... been driving me nuts all day trying to remember who it was. Had to have been 3-5 years ago.
  18. There were two super small slightly-larger-than-local-band artists I knew of in high school (2000-sh) called Kinder Size and 10 Times a Day. Anyone hear of them or have any of their music digitized? I would love to revisit that.
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    I'm hoping someone can help as Google has been USELESS so far.

    So, I was at a Frank Turner show this weekend + before he came on, there was a midtempo punk-sounding song playing. I don't have much to go on, but the chorus had the word 'party' in it + the vocalist sung it in a very distinctive way, something like 'she like to paaaarrrrrddddyyyyy'

    Vague I know...but if anyone can help, I will give you 1 well deserved hi-five.
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    Anybody know what song this is at the end of this stream? A few people asked in chat but the streamer never mentioned who.

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    yeah dude both are real good! cheers, hope you find the exact one.
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    Nobody? They sang that song "The Revolution". I'm guessing they just disbanded.
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    I swear I used to love this radiohead music video where it's just a car driving on the highway at night. I can't find it..