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Hurry – Every Little Thought

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 19, 2018.

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    There’s a search for permanence on Hurry’s new album, Every Little Thought – each of album’s ten tracks a vital piece in the journey. And it’s really the album’s opening song (and title track) that encapsulates this desire perfectly. At five minutes long, it’s the album’s best song as Matt Scottoline (formerly of Philly emo band Everyone Everywhere) achingly sings, “Every little thought I have about you / And what the future brings / Every little thing I knew about you / Doesn’t mean anything,” over slight reverb drenched in melancholy. It’s Hurry at their very best, as the band is in no rush when it comes to creating luscious melodies and captivating hooks, letting each one breathe and build on its own until Hurry’s bittersweet pop is ringing within your ears for days.

    The band’s third album, Guided Meditation, was 2016’s best-kept secret, but that shouldn’t be the case with Every Little Thought, as Hurry delivers some of the year’s most contagious power-pop rock songs. “Read Between The Lines” surfs into a chill, upbeat vibe that’ll have listeners longing for the beach, while “Heatwave” will undoubtedly bring comparisons to bands like the Gin Blossoms as Scottoline’s guitar simmers throughout.

    After surrounding the first two Hurry albums with walls of reverb and fuzz, Scottoline’s songwriting boasts a new confidence on Every Little Thought. The charming “Time and Time Again” is a delicious slice of breezy dream-pop and “Waiting For You” features an infectious hook that’ll be impossible to shake. Cousins Joe and Rob DeCarolis provide the backbone on the record, playing bass and drums respectively, which allows for Scottoline’s guitar work to really shine (the duo is fantastic on the absolutely groovy “Jamie” and guitar-driven closer “The One I Want”). “On The Streets” effortlessly picks up the pace on the record, resulting in a very Sidekicks-esque jam.

    The beauty of Every Little Thought is found within the album’s balance. While the pace of the album rarely changes, it’s the little guitar flourishes, slinky bass lines, and perfectly-placed drum fills that separate Hurry from their peers. It’s sneaky good, because once that “aha!” moment hits you’ll be hard pressed to ever remove this record from the turntable.

  2. j0nnymarrzbar


    Holy shit this album is a jam. Already one of my favourites of this year.
  3. Hazelnutsack


    This album was such a pleasant surprise, it’s easily the best thing they’ve done since since everyone everywhere were together. Plus the vinyl is absolutely SMOKIN HOT