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  1. Fingers crossed that third single comes this week
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  2. DarkHotline

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    Wish they’d announce the new album already
  3. mmmmmm
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  4. DarkHotline

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    Pretty solid, I dig. Did they ever announce when an album is coming out?
  5. Another real good one. This is the first Hundredth track that I feel like Chadwick is really going for it on the clean vocals, it totally works. I like this more than Cauterize by a pretty wide margin, but Whatever is still tops
  6. Also it’s a small thing but I feel like in this kinda “washed out reverb drenched indie rock” kind of music, the drums (snare in particular) always get pushed to the back, but I really love how they’ve been pretty powerful and prominent still in all of these songs
  7. flask


    One thing I liked about Rare was how they still produced it like a metalcore record. Big ass drums.
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  8. hahahaha keep them coming!
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  9. flask


    This has turned into a nice little EP
  10. johnnyferris

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    I hope they play California again soon. The singles are too good to not hear live

  11. hnnnnnng
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  12. This album is going to be EVERYTHING
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  13. SPine


    Alright give me an album release date and a tour
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  14. azzy01


    Did they confirm if these singles were leading up to a full album?
  15. flask


    My memory is hazy but i think these are one-offs and they'll be writing an album soon.
  16. SPine


    Yeah it didn't sound like these songs were an album project.. but it definitely feels like they should be.
  17. Yeah that’s what I remember too. I feel like a lot of bands that do this kind of thing wind up putting out bloated 15-20 song records that include all of the singles. On one hand I’m hoping they don’t go that route, on another, it would really suck for them to waste all of these great songs on just being standalone singles that aren’t part of a package
  18. flask


    I dont see how they're wasted being singles and not on an album. If they only have a few songs in the tank then just drop them and worry about an album later. This is why I like that Self Defense Family releases a few EP's every year and an album every few years.
  19. Yeah, I mean I’m certainly not upset about getting new stuff from them. Maybe it just comes down to how you consume music. For “album” people like me, random one-off singles don’t get a lot of play long term, especially once there’s a fully fleshed out, purposefully created record on the table to chew on. They just don’t have the same staying power. Additionally, I also think that these singles lack the heavier promotion that would normally be afford by a proper album cycle, which is unfortunate because I think most of us can agree that these are the band’s best songs to date. They’ve got legs.

    On a more “entitled fan” note, I’d love to have these tracks on my turntable. If these remain standalone singles, that may not wind up happening
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  21. mattav152


    Looks like its the last single in the series according to the Alt Press article that dropped with the single. No word on an LP yet still so I'm guessing they're working on stuff and it'll come next year. I'd love a spring release in the same style as these singles. I'd jam that shit all summer.
  22. Song absolutely bops
  23. beachdude

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    Incredible single, just like all of them

  24. This band came up on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and some of the guitar work reminded me of Hundo's
  25. DarkHotline

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    Is Hundreth gonna put out more new music or tour in the near future?
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