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How Much Music Fits on an LP Side?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 6, 2016.

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    I saw this question posed in our forums and found a really good answer from the mastering engineer Scott Hull:

    It’s a simple question with a complex answer. Many websites publish charts explaining how much music fits on one side of a vinyl record. The main purpose of those guidelines is to make it easy for the cutting engineer to do his job. But do you want to have an average record or an extraordinary one? Ah, I thought so. You need to read on.

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    Thoroughly enjoy these informational posts
  4. Former Planets


    Maybe this explains why all the SRC and some other reissues and first issues I order online that are single LPs are so much quieter than other records. My Dude Ranch, Sugarcult, Full Collapse, and several others and noticeably and annoyingly quiet, but I guess this reasoning makes sense.
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    Will read this later. Subbing for now.
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    Yea, there's other interesting factors, like cutting the record at half speed resulting in a 45 RPM LP. Doing that can make for a more precise stamper if I remember right; finding out what makes one sound better than another is just fascinating to me.
  7. joey-wan kenobi

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    I agree 100% with this post. I read this link and realized that I've always had this "volume issue", even if I never have thought about it. I typically chalked it up to a cheap pressing. Also makes more sense with why the heavy vinyl pressings sound ridiculously good to me.
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    Knew nothing about this, really cool to read/learn