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How Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer Teamed Up

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Chris Payne, writing at Billboard:

    Masterminding the operation is Crush Music, the New York- and L.A.-based company that manages all three acts: Fall Out Boy since 2002 (the band has helped Crush grow as much as Crush helped it), Weezer since 2016 (Crush’s label arm has released the band’s last four albums with Atlantic) and Green Day since 2017 (when the group parted ways with its manager of 21 years, Pat Magnarella). “I asked Green Day what their goals were because they have already achieved almost every goal a band has,” recalls Crush co-founder Jonathan Daniel. “And Mike said, ‘Well, we want to play stadiums.’”

  2. Mort Michaels

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    Love the videos in that article.
  3. summertimejesus

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    "When Fall Out Boy first got big, what did you think of them?

    Cuomo: “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” is in the mode of mixolydian, and I always have just been allergic to that mode, so I didn’t get that song. I did think Patrick was incredible. Then I heard “Uma Thurman.” It’s incredible hook after incredible hook, and yet it’s hard to even identify what’s the chorus or what’s the verse. It’s so creative and mysterious."

    LMAO what a way to say you don't like something.
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  4. Zach


    Pretty excited about this little snippet for future Green Day
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  5. Phil507

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    He also in a video interview noted that Weezer was playing a holiday radio festival in Florida opening for Fall Out Boy and when he realized they were opening, he was like "well, time to get a new manager." Don't think that means he doesn't like FOB but probably feels slightly resentful Weezer is getting third billing.
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  6. fourstarters

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    Four number one albums in the US (out of 7) for Fall Out Boy vs 0 for Weezer (out of 13).

    It still blows my mind that "Sugar" never hit #1 in the US when that song was absolutely everywhere for what felt like forever. "Arms Race" is their highest charting song in the US (#2), but "My Songs..." went 6x Platinum.
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  7. Brent

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    Years ago when P!ATD first came out I made some forum signature flyer for them and someone from Crush reached out to me to ask if they could use it. Of course I said yes, as I was like 17 at the time. That dude then hooked me up with tickets to their XBOX tour and an interview with them for my old fansite, Panic! In The Network... wish I still had that correspondence (both the interview and the emails). Cool to see that company still doing what they love.
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  8. summertimejesus

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    I'm a decently big Weezer fan but I remember being surprised to hear that they were playing MSG with The Pixies earlier this year, though maybe I was just underestimating how big both bands were.