How do you write your z's and 7's

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  1. just like on the computer screen you freak

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  2. both with line's through the center

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  3. only 7's with a line through the center

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  4. only z's with a line through the center

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  5. i never write a z or a 7

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  1. devenstonow


    I never did this until last year where I just decided to start putting lines in the middle of both and somehow it only took a few weeks for me to start doing it permanently.
  2. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I write 7 with the line in the middle, not sure exactly how I learned to do that, I think French
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  3. White

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    7's get a line, z's don't. Who the fuck even puts lines in z's? I feel like you just made that up to screw with everyone. Quit screwing with everyone.
  4. ForestOfAllusion

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    Thought I was the only filthy human to line through the 7 to signify it's a number. Also, an English graduate who takes stylistics to an extreme. Good poll is good.
  5. Jacob

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    I put a line through my 7's and my z's. helps avoid silly mistakes when doing math or physics, especially since I'm a sloppy writer.
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  6. ChaseTx

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    I put a line through both. I think. I don't do a lot of handwriting.

    Definitely sevens and at least sometimes Zs