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How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Jeff Maysh, writing at The Daily Beast:

    On August 3, 2001, a McDonald’s film crew arrived in the bustling beach town of Westerly, Rhode Island. They carried their cameras and a giant cashier’s check to a row of townhouses, and knocked on the door of Michael Hoover. The 56-year-old bachelor had called a McDonald’s hotline to say he’d won their Monopoly competition. Since 1987, McDonald’s customers had feverishly collected Monopoly game pieces attached to drink cups, french fry packets and advertising inserts in magazines. By completing groups of properties like Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, players won cash or a Sega Game Gear, while “Instant Win” game pieces scored a free Filet-O-Fish or a Jamaican vacation. But Hoover, a casino pit boss who had recently filed for bankruptcy, claimed he’d won the grand prize–$1 million dollars.

    I don’t even know which part of this article to quote, just read the whole thing.

  2. benschuyler

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    This is fascinating and looking forward to digging into this behemoth of an article over the next few days.
  3. paythetab

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    Haha very fun read. Wow, is the only word that comes to mind at the moment.
  4. TellYourFriends

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    This has to turn in to a movie, right?
  5. Former Planets

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    Yeah, I was 10 minutes into it last night when I realized it was a bit of a commitment. Looking forward to taking some time and reading the whole shebang.
  6. Beholdtheriver


    “I’d say… ‘do we need an attorney or do I need to call the home office’” Jacobson suggested, ‘or do I need to call Burger King?’”

    ^^^my favorite part
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  7. Anthony Brooks

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    I kept thinking “why don’t i remember this being in the news?” and then the article answers that question near the end. The trial began on Sept 10, 2001
  8. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Scarlett Johansson is gonna portray him.
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  9. Kiana

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    I will def read this later. I always assumed people never won these things but a girl I went to school with won 30k in the Safeway monopoly game and ngl I'm bitter af lol
  10. BradBradley


    I’d heard stories about this in passing prior to reading the article. Mostly just that an employee (I previously thought of McDonald’s directly) had rigged the game and was doling out prizes to his friends. This article/the real story is much more bizarre and interesting. I was also wondering why I had never heard the full story or why all of this wasn’t more common knowledge and then... oomph. Makes sense. When someone makes a movie out of this, that will be a heck of a final punchline right before they roll the credits.
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  11. Kiana

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    Ok I just lost it at this was a McSting
  12. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated.

    This is wild! I grew up in the area around the "golden triangle". What a story.
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  13. contra11mundum

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    This story blew my mind.

    Waiting for the Scorsese / Leo movie. Lol
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  14. Buscemi knows best

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    Also in so hard for a movie. This was a wild ride.
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  15. Analog Drummer


  16. OpenIntro

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    Fantastic story. Could not stop reading it this past weekend. I always had a feeling this game was rigged.
  17. Wow
  18. wakaflockajamez

    die die die, cry cry cry

    great read
  19. AndrewSoup

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    "Joe Maggard, a disgraced Ronald McDonald actor who was convicted of making harassing phone calls while posing as the clown."

    like, what
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  20. rxbandit89

    probably over-caffeinated.

    And that's it! We get no more information about that other than the one quote! hahahaha
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  21. AndrewSoup

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    there is a universe inside that one sentence.
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  22. tytymcg


  23. tytymcg


    There’s a whole another article waiting to be written about that as well
  24. tytymcg


    Sooooooooo many lines in this story deserve their own investigation and article, like this,

    “ Baker recalled that one of the FBI’s top agents, known as the “human lie-detector,” interrogated him, and added that if the FBI had focused on surveilling terrorists and not McDonald’s winners, 9/11 might never have happened.”

    That’s a wild line
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  25. tytymcg


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