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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by heartbeatsbrain, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. heartbeatsbrain


    Hi fellow Houstonites/Houstonians,

    I didn't want us to miss out on all the inner city talk that other threads get to have.

    Feel free to post about whatever; local events, bands, festivals, favorite restaurants.

    We're a big city with a lot to do.
  2. heartbeatsbrain


    Anyone check out the new White Oak Music Hall this past weekend?

    I missed out, but I heard the show was pretty intense.
  3. TonyG


    I missed out as well, still can't believe its not Fitzgeralds any more. Spent so many nights there going to shows when I was a teenager and into my early 20's.
  4. heartbeatsbrain


    Same here, but Fitzgerald's is still around.

    White Oak Music Hall is a new venue off of N.Main and 45. It was created by the people behind Summerfest, Free Press, and the ones who were running Fitz for the last few years.

    They just decided to create a new venue(s), (if you count Raven Tower), after a conflict with Fitzgerald's owner.
  5. TonyG


    Oh thanks for clearing that up, for some reason I thought it was new branding for Fitzgeralds. I had heard there was a lot of issues going on with Fitz.
  6. heartbeatsbrain


    Everyone in Houston doing okay?
    I know weather has been a bit intense today. It's supposed to rain some more tonight.
  7. TonyG


    I didn't have to go to work, which I am not complaining about, other than that no flooding on my side of town.
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  8. Kristen


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  9. heartbeatsbrain


    Good to hear everyone is okay. It says a lot about Houston's size that you can see so many photos of flooded areas while there are just as many that didn't flood at all.

    On my end, work was cancelled yesterday, but my area is fine. I'm back at work today.
  10. incognitojones

    Some Freak Supporter

    About to fly there now, visit my brother and see the Warriors. Hmu for food recommendations tomorrow, I fly back Sunday or I'd go see Laura Stevenson that night :/
  11. arewhyayein

    Regular Supporter

    Hey all!

    Can't wait for White Oak Music Hall to be finished. I've been to see M83 and Chvches there so far but it was basically just a lawn/ festival type setup which was a bit disappointing if only because I was expecting the building to somehow be finished already. Perfectly serviceable though.

    Hopefully the new Fitz team can figure out the renovations and everything soon, it'd be a shame to lose that venue. Transmission Entertainment from Austin was supposed to take over the booking or w/e but it looks like they dropped out sometime last year.

    Also, Beyoncé killed last night. If you guys have the chance to see here when she's back in September do it for real. What a performer.

    Anyone going to free press in a few weeks?
  12. heartbeatsbrain


    I actually went to Fitz recently to check out Parquet Courts. Some of the changes they've made so far already give me hope that they can get things together. They've added a bar opening to the balcony area so it's not as congested if you want to get a drink.

    I'll be going to Free Press. What are your thoughts on the line up?
  13. Fucking Dustin

    Hey now we'll be okay Supporter

    I don't live in Houston but go Texans
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  14. heartbeatsbrain


    Anyone else miffed about FPSF moving to Reliant.

    I'm certainly not a fan of the move.
  15. Kristen


    I'm sure it was the only choice Pegstar had so people didn't have to swim during Free Press
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  16. heartbeatsbrain


    Yeah i agree that the decision needed to be made. It's just unfortunate because I bought tickets since my friend lives a couple of block from Eleanor Tinsley.

    Plus having it at NRG means sun, concrete, and overcrowded rail lines. Ohh well.
  17. Kristen


    I haven't been but yeah it sounds like it'll definitely lose the appeal of having it in a nice pretty park. But I guess NRG parking lot is better than nothing. Hopefully it doesn't rain too bad. I'll be in Austin for X-games but there's a chance of rain both places :teethsmile:
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  18. heartbeatsbrain


    The festival is pretty cool. I haven't gone to it at the NRG, but I did go to Warped Tour back in the day, and the sun was killer.

    Have fun at X games. If you check out the Blink 182 show, let me know how it goes. Really curious to see how Matt Skiba performs with that band.
  19. Kristen


    Going exclusively for blink so yes I'll definitely see their set!
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  20. stonecoldnimrod


    i'll be at house of blues tomorrow for thrice/la disputes/gates. if the weather cooperates, i'll wait for thrice after the show for autographs.
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  21. heartbeatsbrain


    Hey! I'm going to the Thrice show also.

    Supposedly we won't have to worry about the rain too much that day, but we'll see it how it goes.
  22. heartbeatsbrain


    By the way, has anyone hit up Emo night at Barbarellas?
  23. Kristen


    I've been a few times
  24. heartbeatsbrain


    What'd you think of it? Is it worth checking out?
  25. Kristen


    If my friends were more into it and I didn't have to be up at 4am the next day I'd go everytime. I love it. Idk if you've ever been to Barbarella but the place is dingy but lit up very cool. I've had a great time whenever I've gone. I just wish they did them a few fridays or Saturdays instead of just Tuesday. It's a basically a bar/dance club playing good music.

    Oh and I'd get there early if you can because parking can be a bitch.
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