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House of Heroes to Release ‘Colors’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. alexstolar

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    Oh man, I haven't listened to these guys since middle school. Had no idea they were even still around.
  3. Weird news but I'm really happy they aren't on Gotee anymore.
  4. JRGComedy

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    Stoked. These guys have some excellent songs. Comfort Trap is so underrated.
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  5. JRShoenberger


    One of my favorite songs they've released. When it was released, I could have totally heard it on alt radio.
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  6. Gooddayz

    always and forever

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  7. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    Unrelated, but I just finished listening to Hiromi and wow thanks for the suggestion! Spark and What Will Be are early favorites
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  8. Yaaayyy I'm so glad you like it!!
  9. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    I can see what you meant by TROK without vocals haha. Which songs did you like?
  10. Behind the Barricade

    I couldn't have been the only one to read Hands Like Houses right?
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  11. I'd say the first three grabbed me most immediately, Spark, In a Trance and Take Me Away. But I need to spend more time with the album. I also purchased her 2014 record Alive, so I've been listening to that as well.
  12. Haha I make that mistake sometimes too. Both great bands!
  13. Eric Wilson

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    Really looking forward to this one.
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  14. irthesteve

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    These guys have constantly put out quality material, hope this album is the same!
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  15. Gooddayz

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    Yeah Spark was an incredible way to kick start an album, like dang. Does Alive have a similar feel or is it different?
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  16. contra11mundum

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    I'm an indiegogo supporter of this album and they said that it's a full on concept album and each song flows seemlessly into the next.

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  17. It's similar, the same trio of musicians, but I'd say it's a little tamer. It falls into more of an "easy listening" category than Spark, which makes it really lovely background music. It's still adventurous, but not quite as crazy as Spark. Sooooo like Spark is driving music and Alive is reading music. Both great in different ways. And Alive was only $6 or so on Amazon, so buying it was a no brainer.
  18. HoH's singer just put out a single a few weeks ago with his wife. They have an acoustic pop project called Copperlily and the new single is great. They self-recorded it at their house too, making it even more impressive.
  19. smoke4thecaper

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    Nice! Tim's voice is fantastic, so I'm excited to hear what they'll put out next.
  20. Spencer Young

    Don't ask me why.

    PUUUUMMMPPPEDDDDD!! I've been getting back into these guys recently. Been listening to their B-sides collection Knockout Dragouts... Their Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Beatle's cover is FANTASTIC.
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  21. Miss Heartcore

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  22. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    I see. That makes perfect sense! You should check out Mouse on the Keys if you haven't heard of them
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  23. Gooddayz

    always and forever

    I'm really excited for this full length! I haven't listened to HoH much recently, but they always put quality music. I always forget how amazing of a drummer Colin is
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  24. Will do!
  25. Lucas27


    New single up and pre-orders tomorrow. Album out in June. The new single is incredible and the other track included for IndieGoGo backers is fantastic as well.