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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Garrett L., Mar 10, 2016.

  1. T.J.

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    deflect! deflect!
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  2. a nice person

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    If this thing snowballs, I wonder what Netflix will do.
  3. jjnunn118

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    Good lord

    "I don't remember but I might have sexually assaulted a 14-year old boy... but guys I'm gay!"

    This reminds me of Pwr Bttm trying to deflect their allegations.
  4. SamLevi11 Oct 30, 2017
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    Was him being gay a well known thing?
  5. Full Effect Ed

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    Being gay? It's been the worst kept secret in Hollywood for over 20 years.
  6. Anthony_

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    It's like ok but you assaulted a minor. This isn't like he made a drunken pass at an 18+ guy as a party was winding down, like ffs. Also this behavior would've been sexual assault whether or not the victim was a minor so really none of what he said is even relevant to the discussion.
  7. SamLevi11

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    I don't really pay any attention to these things, I had no idea at all.
  8. cwhit

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    didn't you watch house of cards??????????

    also that statement is something frank underwood would totally do
  9. SamLevi11

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    I mean, I knew his character went both ways but I didn't know he did. Maybe I missed something.
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  10. Sean Murphy

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    this is wildly disappointing.
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  11. SteveLikesMusic

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  12. theagentcoma

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    This is only the beginning, I fear
  13. SamLevi11

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    From 5 months ago:

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  14. Jason Tolpin


    I used to like everything Spacey did, every movie, really..... House of Cards? Terrific.

    His comments disturb me. Most people knew he was gay anyways, but coming out now, to deflect the charges.....

    Ive lost a LOT of respect for him for that one.
  15. tucah

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  16. cwhit

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    hmmm so they're still going to put it out hmmmmm
  17. jjnunn118

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    Yeah, feels like kind of a half measure that I'm conflicted about. Glad they're ending the show due to the allegations, but it's odd that they are still doing another season. But as a fan of the show I'm glad they're doing a last season, which then makes me feel guilty cause of the current situation.

    This is messy
  18. Sean Murphy

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    in their defense (and the rest of the cast, crew, and everyone else involved in the show) the new season is probably already well into production.
  19. cwhit

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    the show was uncomfortable enough in trump's america and these allegations will just make things even grosser
  20. Sean Murphy

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    this most recent season felt ENTIRELY too real to honestly enjoy.
  21. Ken

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    I enjoyed how real it felt. Oh well. This whole situation is absolutely disgusting.
  22. Full Effect Ed

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    It is. The soundstage they film it at is only 15 minutes from my house. They've been filming there and around here since August.
  23. cwhit

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    yeah they film right down the street from me too.
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  24. Full Effect Ed

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    I'm in Perry Hall. My buddy lives 2 minutes from Winter Run where the soundstage is.
  25. cwhit

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    they do some filming in mt vernon in the city as well, i'm usually at work when filming is going on though