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  1. a nice person

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    Just hit the halfway mark and it isn't good.
  2. Kellan

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    Eight episodes watched and nothing has really pulled me in yet. Not a lot of Doug, and no Jackie and no Remy.
  3. teebs41

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    just finished I don't even know what to think, show went in a different direction than I thought it would but they did a great job setting it up
  4. theagentcoma

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    I finished it

    Guess i'll go back to watching Band of Brothers for the 11th time
  5. Why Bother? Jun 6, 2017
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    Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    Just finished. Can't help feeling this show has officially jumped the shark. I lost track of how many people were even killed.
    The only thing that injected new energy and was fun watching was the Conways and they just disappear. Frank talking about how he can wield power from the private sector and Claire's "my turn" also wasn't very good.
  6. atticusfinch

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    Thought the season was good. It's scary how much shit actually happened to us in real life that the show presents to us.
  7. domotime2

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    once you start, you cant stop. It's an entertaining as fuck show and it continues on.

    but man oh man, the show definitely reached jump the shark moments this season. Soooooooooo many dopey side characters being dopey too. It's getting very repetitive too.

    Season 6 has to be the end and they better have a beautiful ending... but every year the show shatters any possibility of that.
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  8. theagentcoma

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  9. a nice person

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    Anybody else hear Manchester Orchestra playing in the background of episode 10 this season during the coffee shop scene? That's the lone highlight for me as I finish this...
  10. SteveLikesMusic

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    Season was way too close to reality at some moments.
  11. I enjoyed this season. Really interesting setup for next season.
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  13. airik625

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    Michael Kelly is the best.
  14. Anthony_

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    I just finished this last night and, man, I really hope they end it after the next season. I just want to see a season-long battle of the Underwoods and then let all of these talented people go to find better work elsewhere. For how promising and addictive this show was in its first season, it has been a slog to get through every season since (although S3-S5 were definitely better than the depths of S2, I've nevertheless had to force myself to get through each season after the first, which I couldn't stop watching). Everything that happens on this show is just so absurd at this point, I'm ready for it all to just stop.
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  15. a nice person

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    The use of real TV anchors on this show is so poor. It's really hard to write dialogue that mimics talk show panel conversation. Most of it is cringy, especially at the end with Connie Chung.
  16. awakeohsleeper

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    On episode 10 but I've been really disappointed by this series so far. Most of it is very dull. What a shame.
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  17. Larry David

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    I thought this season was great
  18. chewbacca110


    I have 4 episodes of season six left and I am really liking this season. This cast is so damn good.
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  19. Ken

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    I'm so in love with the first season score. My god. What a masterful job.
  20. ParenthesesLive Supporter

    Anybody catch Manchester Orchestra in S5 E10?
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  22. jjnunn118

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    Had just finished reading this story, have a pit in my stomach. This ones gonna be a shitshow
  23. a nice person

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    Yep. I 100% believe Cory Feldman when he says there is a big pedophilia problem in Hollywood. Spacey is one of many I’m sure.
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  24. cwhit

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    well this is quite the response
  25. a nice person

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    Ok, but it was a 14-year old kid and I doubt the only one.