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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Garrett L., Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Cameron

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    Can't wait to watch this.
  2. Professor Plumbob

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    Season Six can't come fast enough.
  3. Larry David

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    You already pound Season 5 out??
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  4. Professor Plumbob

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    Being on summer break has its benefits.
  5. Larry David

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    Are you a teacher? Lucky
  6. a nice person

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    First episode seemed a bit off. Not sure if it's the writing, direction, lighting. Something just seemed different.
  7. Larry David

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    The lighting is always off. Haha
  8. Professor Plumbob

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  9. Larry David

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    Haha. I'm still jealous of your free time!
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  10. devenstonow


    Avoid Frank's wikipedia page and the House of Cards wiki. Bigly spoilers there.

    (so I'm just gonna give everyone the specific piece of info I was unsure about sooooo I guess spoilers through season 4)

    If you're like me and forget if they ever say which actual number President he is (ie. if obama or anyone else existed) in the House of Cards timeline, he's the 46th. Walker is the 45th. There's no reference to who the 44th is other than assuming they served one term
  11. FrenzalRob

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    LOVING THIS. Up to episode 5, and it's so good. Frank's just as crafty as ever.

    Also Doug Stamper might be the most unlikable character in modern television drama. Genuinely hate him.
  12. Jacob

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    so damn good
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  13. awakeohsleeper

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    Ahhh, not had chance to watch any of this yet! Desperate to see it.
  14. Full Effect Ed

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    I'm only one episode in this season, but that reveal at the end...genius
  15. Craig Ismaili

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    This show is not good and it makes me horrifically uncomfortable and it also needlessly steers into Trump analogues. It's a like a slow motion car crash, I know it's horrific but I also can't stop watching
  16. Ken

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    The first episode felt a little off, but I really enjoyed the second. This is such a good show. I hope to watch a lot more of it this weekend.
  17. a nice person

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    I think the 2016 election craziness in general tripped up this show in terms of writing. Nothing really shocks us anymore, and this show is built on the idea of average people having no idea how corrupt the political system is. I'm only a few episodes in, so I'm not ready to give a verdict on the season.
  18. Jacob

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    ya this show is awesome. 2016 election didn't change my enjoyment of it at all. Would have gone in this direction regardless of Trump imo.
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  19. Larry David

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    I need to remember to download episode 1(of new season) tonight so I can watch it at work tomorrow on my lunch!
  20. Garrett

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    Just finished. I think this might be my least favorite season? Weird time jumps and pacing.
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  21. imthesheriff

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    This season was definitely weird but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Really weird he fought so hard to just resign especially when him and Claire haven't been on the best terms.
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  22. airik625

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    This season was pretty frustrating. It felt like the same old story over and over again. Grayson already had his period of playing both sides, didn't really need to see that again. I hated to see how Stamper got treated, he's always been my favorite character. So what happened to Durant after Frank pushed her down the stairs? They keep acting like she's going to come back - but they never really came back to it. Also hated what happened to LeAnn. I feel like Francis and Stamper both some very out-of-character decisions towards the end of the season. Frank going to see Walker before he testified was a horrible idea. Doing something that risky just to flex his muscles didn't seem right. And Doug following Lisa to talk to her himself even after getting Green involved just seemed dumb and not like something he would do anymore. I know he had planned on drugging her - but why get personally involved when he already reached out in order to stay away from it? This show has become a political game of thrones, where the throne is the presidency. And even though Claire possesses it now, Mark is in the best position because he will more than likely be tabbed VP, plus he has Tom's body connections claire to his death. I'll probably stay tuned what happens next, but this was my least favorite season
  23. Kuri44


    I'm only on episode 6, but this season has been pretty boring overall. I thought I'd be bingeing this all weekend, but instead I find myself checking how many minutes are left of each episode multiple times
  24. Full Effect Ed

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    Guess I'm in the minority here. I'm on episode 9 and I think it's the best season since the second.
  25. Kuri44


    To be fair, I've been watching it on my iPad since I'm in the middle of a move and I feel like it's taken away some of the enjoyment if that makes sense... maybe I'm just making excuses for myself though lol
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