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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by cherrywaves, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. cherrywaves


    Listened to Sorry About Tomorrow on the drive home from work today, and that coupled with the shutting down of AP, had me feeling incredibly nostalgic. Their last three albums are wonderful, and I hope to see them eventually.
  2. falafelmywaffle

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    I've been listening to that album a lot recently too. HRC is one band I've never seen, but desperately want to.
  3. heywassuphello

    it's hard work having a soul

    New song is up on Spotify. Thoughts? I'm digging it.
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  5. callumnmacleod

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    I'm loving the new song. Sounds just like how I want Hot Rod Circuit to sound :-)
  6. AlwaysEvolving21

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    New song is awesome. Haven't listened to these guys in awhile.
  7. Aaron Mook

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    Love this band so much. Currently listening to Sorry About Tomorrow, and The UnderGround is a Dying Breed is probably up next.
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  8. heywassuphello

    it's hard work having a soul

    Sorry About Tomorrow is always a front to back, windows down album for me.
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