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Hopeless Records Unveils New Varients for Black Friday

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Hopeless Records has announced a bunch of new variants for Black Friday. The full list of the releases can be found below.

    • All Time Low — Nothing Personal (Half Pink/Half Light Blue) / 1000
    • All Time Low — Put Up or Shut Up (Green/Yellow Smash) / 1000
    • All Time Low — So Wrong, It’s Right (Red/Blue Splatter) / 1000
    • All Time Low — Straight To DVD (Black with Silver Splatter) / 500
    • All Time Low — Straight to DVD (Half Black/Half Silver) / 500
    • Anarbor — Free Your Mind (Purple with Green Splatter) / 500
    • Moose Blood — Blush (Yellow/Green Splatter) / 1000
    • Moose Blood — Blush (Blue/White Smash) / 1000
    • Neck Deep — Rain In July (Red/Green Christmas) / 1000
    • Neck Deep — Wishful Thinking (Halloween Orange) / 1000
    • The Dangerous Summer — If You Could Only Keep Me Alive (White with Pink Splatter) / 300
    • The Dangerous Summer — If You Could Only Keep Me Alive (Clear with Green and Pink Splatter) / 300
    • Thrice — Illusion of Safety (Coke Bottle Clear with Black Splatter) / 500
    • Thrice — Illusion of Safety (Light Blue/Black Splatter) / 500
    • We Are The In Crowd — Guaranteed To Disappear (Purple, White, Green Tri-Color) / 500
    • Yellowcard — When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (Purple with White Smash) / 500
    • Yellowcard — When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (White/Purple Smash) / 1000

  2. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    That Thrice blue/black would be neat to own
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  3. alexjlow


    Need to buy that 'Reach for the Sun' splatter.
  4. CMilliken


    Probably gonna have to get one of those Thrice ones.
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  5. Dang, this makes me want to purchase The Illusion of Safety a SECOND time...

    TGG would be cool to own, though.
  6. kidinthebushes


    I spent over $100 on these yesterday. Glad to see If Only You Could Keep Me Alive and The Possibility And The Promise finally getting pressed.
  7. Matt504

    Trusted Prestigious

    So buying The Dangerous Summer splatter, such an amazing album...