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    I only compare the two because music writers, even as they praise Mitski for fighting against the confessional woman stereotype, still have biases towards that type of songwriter. This Hop Along record talks about similar themes as the Soccer Mommy record but Hop Along is more obscure lyrically and Frances isn't a solo act so Hop Along will never get the praise that these other artists get for being so personal.

    I'm mad at music writers. I have nothing against musicians unless they're shitty people.
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    criticism aside, those 3 records are all fantastic and all in my top 10
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    this is a great listen but it never fully clicked enough to warrant a top 10 spot for whatever reason

    I became obsessed with the soccer mommy album and it’s probably a top 5 album for me

    not here to argue the politics of music journalism and these end of the year lists but I don’t think it’s unfathomable that one record would get more love than the other
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    they were also one of the few non perennial picks on the Pitchfork rock list
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    Yo.. holy SHIT

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    Her vocal improvisations are bonkers to watch live. It’s like watching an acrobat just repeatedly thrust themselves into the air without a plan and consistently landing on their feet
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    God that was so good. I can’t wait to see them live again
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    Incredible musicians
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    Saturday Sessions: Hop Along performs "Prior Things" - CBS News

    Saturday Sessions: Hop Along performs "How Simple" - CBS News

    Saturday Sessions: Hop Along performs “Somewhere A Judge”

    I don't know what country you're in but I'm in England and can usually never watch things like this either but these links they just posted on Instagram worked for me. Sounds great!
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    Every single song on this album has an ear worm that is too damn infectious to be allowed.
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