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Hop Along Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 22, 2018.

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    Hop Along will release their new album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, on April 6th. The band has sent out some 45s with their new single “How Simple” to fans.

    I got a postcard from @saddlecreek that said 45rpm so I put it on my turntable

    — Daniel Cohen (@Daaaaaannnnnnnn) January 22, 2018
    Track Listing

    1. How Simple
    2. Somewhere A Judge
    3. How You Got Your Limp
    4. Not Abel
    5. The Fox In Motion
    6. One That Suits Me
    7. What The Writer Meant
    8. Look Of Love
    9. Prior Things

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  2. smowashere

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    That’s the coolest postcard!
  3. Woo! Very excited
  4. I'm so ready for this
  5. AndrewSoup

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    i need this so much
  6. shea

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    Fuck yes
  7. bobsheiskawy

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    i'm all in.
  8. New song is incredible
  9. KyleK

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    I regret that I'm pretty late to the Hop Along party, and only recently gotten into them. Positive is that I haven't had to wait long for new music from them!