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Homeland (Showtime) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by kbeef2, May 26, 2016.

  1. kbeef2

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    New details about season 6

    Season 6 will take place in New York during the time inbetween election day and inauguration day. Rupert Friend is still a part of the main cast (even though it definitely looked like he died at the end of season 5, right?)
  2. Definitely implied, but it was left ambiguous enough to go either way. I figured they didn't know if Rupert Friend was coming back or not.
  3. jorbjorb

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    I have only seen 3 seasons on netflix. Wish they'd release more.
  4. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    Ugh, man.

    As much as I disliked season 3, this show should have died along with Brody...or after a 4th season that would have wrapped up Carrie's story. The good/bad thing about Homeland is that the show will never completely wrap it's story because terrorism is never going away, there will always be some sort of story to tell...unless you kill off/retire/turn into a lumberjack the main characters.

    This was easily my favorite consecutive 2 seasons of TV I've ever seen. If there was a way to kill Brody at the end of season 2, in the way that they did, it would have been even that much better. The ending of season 3 is still so shocking and surprising.

    But since this is on Showtime, it will go on for far too long.
  5. tucah

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  6. kbeef2

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    Showtime's gonna Showtime
  7. Ahh, ok. I thought that might be the case but wasn't sure. Damn, so 3 more seasons coming up potentially.
  8. NewSurrender

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    I didn't bother with season 5 partly due to season four having a really bad ending (Dar Adal driving off with the main villain of season four), but mostly because I just didn't care anymore. From what reaction I read to the season (e.g. the old AP Homeland thread) I didn't miss anything of value.
  9. drstrong

    I'm Back.

    I'm right there with you, I watched like 2 episodes of season 5 I think and I never went back. I probably should though.
  10. kbeef2

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    "Stand down." "No, you stand down!"

    "I don't think you realize how vulnerable you are." "I don't think YOU do!"

    Hope that's not indicative of the writing this season!
  11. Sweet, another ominous rendition of a popular pop song used for a trailer ha. Looking forward to this.
  12. kbeef2

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    This isn't even the first time Homeland's done it

  13. Oh wow, I don't think I ever saw that one ha. Pretty sure I've heard that cover somewhere, though.
  15. EngineDown

    formerly known as chill yoshi

    nice choice using Marvel, after she was nearly president in house of cards
  16. imthegrimace

    the poster formally known as thesheriff Supporter

    Premiere is on showtime anytime
  17. imthegrimace

    the poster formally known as thesheriff Supporter

    Yeah that wasn't good.
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  18. kbeef2

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    Ugh. I might have to drop the show this season. I loved season 4 but season 5 was a slog (even though it wasn't quite as bad as season 3). I don't know if I can take three more seasons that are paced like season 5.
  19. kbeef2

    Trusted Supporter

    Good god that was dull

    And what on earth are they thinking with this Quinn storyline
  20. RonandTammy


    Wow, no idea that this came out.

    I loved season 3, and I think I was in the minority with that, fell of a bit with 4 and quit during 5.

    I didn't watch the likes of Lost or Breaking Bad from the start until the finish, so I can't speak on how those people felt when the shows ended. But with Homeland, I was there from the start, and the first 2 seasons I thought were the best things I've seen on TV, period. The the decline started with 3, which was unfortunate.
  21. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Supporter

    wait...the new season STARTED?! damn talk about no hype hhaha.. im sure ill catch it eventually
  22. Shrek

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    Yeah, I'm done with this one. Last season was a slog enough as it is. I will always love the first three seasons of this show, though. Warts and all.
  23. Pretty tame for a season opener. Couple of the setups are interesting, but they better stop this shit with Quinn soon.
  24. With zero promotion, Showtime must think this season is very weak.